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A Peacemaker in the Midst of Chaos — 2 Comments

  1. Sister, you saw, you see it right from above,clear and right in one Spirit.
    Every house I enter, and as a caregiver for elderly and those in needs I come to many private homes – I am a blessing. These are not my own words. Some want me to become their daughter-in-law, some want my private visitations, and today a 98 year old lady, clear in mind and heart, no way dementia, said 3 times: “THE LORD IS BLESSING YOU”. I was wondering why she did not say “THE LORD MAY BLESS YOU”… And truly, I am a light to and for many according GOD’S appointment. Yes, I am truly blessed ! THE LORD has given a man at my side, a leader, a head who cares for 240 people. It’s not my boss.  It is my partner, the love of my life, the “2nd” chance, if so to say. GOD says, it is His reward, His righteousness, His rising glory upon my life. It’s written in Isaiah 60, Malachi 3 and much more. Sending you love and thanks ! Marion

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