A Prayer for California and its Vaccination Program


I Decree over California a reversal of forced vaccinations.

I Decree confusion over Senator Pan, who took thousands of dollars from Pharma to push for these “vaccinations”.

I pray You will make Senator Pan stumble over his words, that he’ll reveal things with his words that he didn’t mean to, because of the pride that has hold of him.

I pray You will make him lose sleep just like the parents of autistic kids in this state.  There would be no rest for the wicked.

I decree such confusion that he won’t even be able to speak intelligently in front of any kind of group without stumbling over his words, trying to defend his stand on the false science that is murdering and maiming our children.

May he be troubled by day and restless at night like the parents who have lost their children, until he repents.

May the same be true for Paul Offet and the others trying to defend the false narrative!

May they declare their own guilt without meaning to, stumbling over their own words until they repent.

May both Pan and Offet be removed from office, unless they repent.

May the children affected by vaccines, who are not dead, be healed by God and parents be given dreams on how to help their children.

May the Church, who seems asleep on this matter, wake up to dreams from God about these issues, that they would stand in the gap, instead of being paralyzed by the lies and disinformation from Mengelian scientists!

May Doctors and Nurses be awakened by God in dreams, convicting them of what is going on and correcting their ignorance!

May God convict the hearts of Congress, the Senate, the White House and the Judiciary, and revoke the law that made drug companies unaccountable.

Father, comfort the hearts of the thousands upon thousands of parents who have lost their children,  and those maimed by autism.

Manifest Your glory through Your sons and daughters who really care for the children, to bring healing to all affected, including the doctors and nurses, who will feel remorse when they realize what they have done, through conviction of their hearts!

In Jesus’ name!


~ Priscilla Van Sutphin

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream MinistriesPRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN is the founder of Upstream Ministries, California, online at www.upstreamca.org and blogtalkradio.com/ Upstream.  Donate to Upstream: via secure Paypal by sending as gift to goininupstream@hotmail.com or send to: Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278, USA.

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A Prayer for California and its Vaccination Program — 3 Comments

  1. Well.. as much as I am against vaccinating, and wish the same upon him… wanting bad for another human is an act of the flesh. God is not the author of chaos/confusion… We don’t wrestle with flesh and blood but with all the powers of the enemy. I see your point and it is 100% valid. But I don’t believe God will send a spirit of the enemy to confuse someone who is already deceived. My prayer is for God to reveal the truth and for this man to be delivered from the deception and confusion he is already in!! Truth will prevail!!! But for the children/infants that have been harmed… God is able to heal and restore EVERYTHING that has been LOST & STOLEN from their lives. EVERY GOOD & PERFECT GIFT IS FROM GOD & THE DEVIL COMES TO STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY. My child was harmed from a vaccine and God dealt with me about the bitterness within me and gave me understanding. Vaccinations ARE NOT a human originated idea… this is a scheme from satan himself against the current and future generations(chosen by God for this specific time we are living in) so these children can’t live up to their God given potential and do what they were chosen to do.

    Pray for the american people to not be deceived, Pray for Satan’s plans to be exposed, Pray for the victims of vaccines to be HEALED, and pray for the innocent to be protected.

  2. …AMEN to DRs & Nurses becoming aware of the TRUTH!! I pray they WAKE UP and REPENT of the harm they have unknowingly caused.