A Prayer for Those who Abuse their Power


I lift up this issue of abuse by some policemen, of their power, to You!  There have been too many incidents of cops killing humans, dogs, punching women in the face and so on….  Father forgive us as a nation for mistreating each other!  Forgive the prejudice, fear and hatred of each other.  Subdue the powers & principalities behind all this Abba because we don’t have that power, but You are God Almighty!

YOU ALONE HAVE ALL POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER LEADERSHIP in this nation who are trying to pit us even more against each other.  Help us all to come to our senses and see that we fight NOT AGAINST FLESH & BLOOD, but powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places who are trying to destroy mankind.  Lord, revive us in the midst of all that is going on.  Convict any hardness in our hearts in any area of our lives!

Come Holy Spirit and bring forth the spirit of Elijah to draw your children’s hearts toward Abba Father and in the natural, release grace to forgive one another, because you said if we don’t forgive, then you will not forgive us.

Lord, defeat the spirits of witchcraft (murder being the highest form of witchcraft) and division and rejection that leads to rage and anger!  Pull down the strongholds of Freemasonry idolatry in this nation and forgive all our senators, congressmen and justices in our cities, states and nation and all in the executive branch who have given themselves over to the enemy.  Forgive us for our ignorance and apathy to these facts.
Forgive those in the church who have bowed to the same or to fame and money!

Apart from you we can do nothing Lord!  Please rend the heavens and come down Holy Spirit!  We are desperately in need.  Forgive us Lord for complacency and compromises disguised as a false kind of love movement which negates holiness without which, you said, none would see God.

Release the spirit of conviction with grace for repentance.  Break down the strongholds of pretense and religion in our hearts and help us to walk in honesty and integrity and justice, honoring one another.  Forgive us for dishonoring and disrespecting one another, for our petty jealousies and competitions.

Please pour out the promised tsunami of Your love Abba and overturn the plans of all evil.  Bring the life giving rain and unplug the wells of salvation and loose Your Kingdom in this nation once again.  Do your spiritual surgery Lord!  Pull down and pluck out the spiritual cancers in this nation and every root of Jezebel in Your Church, that is called by Your name.

Forgive the prejudice in Your church, where we have lived a lie saying we love, but yet are not loving and have wounded and maimed each other and your Prophets and Apostles and have been jealous of each other, like siblings in rivalry for your affection.  Forgive all the unbelief in our hearts related to the disdain of Your holiness and the most Holy Spirit!

Forgive the churches who have abandoned loving Jews and Israel and who have signed the agreement of the counsel of world churches against Israel, like the Vineyard and some emergent churches.

Father we are not in agreement with them and we ask you to defend your remnant and to increase our intercessions supernaturally and to increase our authority for those who are obedient and show us how to pray in unity against the powers of the air.  Loose awakening in the land that we would be taken over completely by your most Holy Spirit in all we say and do!   In Jesus name, Amen!


God bless you,

Priscilla Van Sutphin of Upstream Ministriesby: PRISCILLA VAN SUTPHIN of Upstream Ministries,  California www.upstreamca.org      www.blogtalkradio.com/Upstream Email: goinupstream @hotmail.com   Donate to Upstream: via secure paypal by sending as gift to goininupstream @hotmail.com Or send to Upstream, PMB 545, 14311 Newport Blvd, Suite G, Tustin, CA 9278



A Prayer for Those who Abuse their Power — 2 Comments

  1. Proverbs 29:2 (KJV)
    2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

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