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  1. Father, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray, thank You for being alive after all those years of suffering gauntlet and life dangers. I thank You for always protecting us and forbidding satan and his helpers to kill us. Father, I ask You for the persecutors, for those demonic possessed people who entered last night again into our home to show that they are able for all evil. Father You say, we shall love our enemies. You know how hard this is after facing thousands of provocations and ugly signs. Jesus, my precious Lord and Saviour, You stand now in heaven and watch what I write and You see my tears and that I need strength for work in this morning hour. You prayed “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. Lord they killed You and they kill many of Your brothers and sisters since then.i ask You my Lord, let them fall down on their knees before You.
    Father, in the name of Jesus I thank You for the 2 people who said Good morning this morning, those poor strangers, like I am one. I thank You for being safe under Your allseeing eyes. You say “Ask and it will be given unto you”. Father, I ask now for so long: Please redeem us from here, please give us the jobs and finances that we can go, and PLEASE, do not allow our enemies to hinder us from entering into a future where we can live in peace. You know all their plans and actions, You know how they abuse power. I plead You – come Lord, come and show that with You we are stronger. I thank You for coffee and bread this morning.
    Please give me strength for work today and help us, that my son and I can for ever forget what they’ve done. You promised this and we need You. We need You every minute of our days and nights. We thank You for being in control of everything. Thank You for our true friends. Thank You for this new day. Amen.

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