A Quarrel Unforgiven


Never, in all of the time I have tried to study God’s Word, have I heard the Spirit speak more clearly, on how we are to treat one another.  As I have tried to listen to the voice of the Lord, for what He might have me say and write, I have been continually led to many of the same type verses.  Things like, forbearing one another in love, having bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness and longsuffering; over and over again.  What do you think, the Spirit is trying to say in all of this?

Why is there such an urgency to forgive?  One thing is certain; some of us, have held on to things for years; there’s no need in pretending we haven’t.  Anyone who says they haven’t, is likely not telling the truth.

May I share one thing I learned lately?  There was a minister among our group, who was divorced many years ago.  It was back in the time when that was totally unacceptable; other than infidelity.  Some said, the woman had emotional problems of some sort; that was what was told.  Most felt the man had no right to remarry; it was different back in that day.  Many, were unforgiving.

I don’t want to stir up strive; we have enough of that.  The man was a very successful pastor; he was asked to step down from his post.  His peers had him move to another state, and he was re-instated there; and seemed to continue and flourish.  I listened to the wrong people; the ones whom I had heard preaching over the years.  I resented the fact that his political pull, let him have help, most others likely would not have gotten.  Those people are now all gone.  I didn’t know until recently, that I still held that against that man.  As much as I have talked restoration, I had not forgiven him for this.

I was hung up on the church politics aspect.  The truth is, it doesn’t matter what the whole thing was about; I was holding onto a resentment that I had no business continuing.  There’s been all kind of quarrels throughout all of that church politics; to include, splitting up in different groups and taking sides against one another.  Even one affiliation, against another; and it is still going on today; brother, against brother.

You know what I am thinking about at this moment, what if Jesus were to come back now?  Would He not catch some of us, with things in our hearts against other people; seriously.
Some things are hard to forgive; whether it be what we’ve done to them, or what they’ve done to us.

The Apostle stopped here, and made a comment that we all need to revisit. “Even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.”  I do not want to sound crude, but some of us, are holding on to things we have against certain people, and they have been dead and gone, for years.  The man I mentioned, repented, and went on to heaven; while I continued to stumble around carrying a grudge most people, didn’t even remember.

We often carry a strong dislike for someone, and not recognize it for what it is.  If we were to leave this world, could we say, that our conscience, is clear?


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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