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A Rude Wake Up Call From Heaven Is Coming to the Church in this Season! — 2 Comments

  1. But there is is A Woman:Who will share in His Glory, her name is Zion,_
    “Out of Zion, The Perfection of Beauty God hath Shined”,_ PS 50
    She has Submitted herself and has passed thru the very same suffering, death and burial in identifying herself with her Bridegroom, Isaiah 49,_ The Cross
    And she is prepared to be elevated into “That High Calling of God in Christ Jesus,”
    The First Resurrection_
    “In the resurrection, they are like the angels of God in heaven”_ His Warrior Bride, given and taking, establishing His authourity in the earth.
    “Arise, Shine” -Isa 60:1 ,at “the last day” _John 11:24, 6:39,40,54
    As that day has arrived,_ “The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord”
    Thy Kingdom Come:
    And She,The Bride of Christ is currently, taking her place at His side, and in Christ Jesus,_!! The Feast of Tabernacles, The Third Feast, 100 Fold Fullness of God is arriving
    “The Manifestation of the sons of God”_ Romans 8:17:23
    “When He (Jesus Christ) comes to be glorified in His saints”_ (Body, Bride of Christ) 2Thes 2:10
    Please read
    “Eagle Saints Arise”_ Bro. Bill Britton for a greater revelation of what is arriving, & “The Rain of Fire” Vision, Susan Cummings
    Thanks for Sharing, Shalom

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