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A Significant Sign — Lady G & The NWO — 15 Comments

  1. Revalation 17:3-6
    Woman on the beast was (is) dressed in PURPLE & SCARLETT and wore GOLD (lady gaga’s oversized “golden dove broach”) reminds me of a promise of false peace.
    Her dress of scarlett coincides with the harlot’s attire and many of the women at the inauguration were wearing purple and pearls as the harlot wore. Does this show that satan had his evil hand in the inauguration?
    We as G O D’S children should be reading HIS WORD and be praying for wisdom, discernment and understanding. Time is short!

  2. Do you truly believe that the election was fraudulent, or are you just being too ready to listen to the words of a narcissistic who cannot accept defeat?

    The Supreme Court, judges and officials in every state, cyber security agencies, to name a few, have all refuted the claims of the election being rigged. 

    Is everyone who does not subscribe to the rigged election theory – including SCOTUS Trump appointees Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch – all to be condemned as being Satan’s agents and part of a great conspiracy?

    The undermining of the democratic process is truly depressing.

    I also note your complaints that Facebook is censoring your pronouncements.  I wonder if you censor my comments as they do not subscribe to the rigged election theory?

    • Early on election night President Trump was reportedly winning.  Fox News then mysteriously declared Arizona for Biden after only a small proportion of the votes had there come in. Then, quite early in the proceedings, n a number of the swing states the administrators unprecedentedly and simultaneously decided to stop the count.  This was followed by a statistically impossible, overtaking spike in votes for Joe Biden.  If this is not enough, there is also video evidence of suitcases of ballots being brought out and of manifold affidavits of fraud. I am reminded of the saying, there is none so blind as he who will not see.

  3. Our Father which art in Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name! Lord I thank You for reminding us of Matthew 5:43-48, where Jesus told HIS Followers to Pray for their enemies. In doing so, we bring them to the throne of God and Bless them. So Father, in the Name of Jesus, we also Pray for our enemies- including Lady Gaga, and all those who don’t Know YOU, in the pardoning of their sins. Thank You Lord for the conviction of Holy Spirit, as You speak to our Hearts, & as we continue to walk in the Light, allowing You to teach us Your ways- knowing that this is What Pleases the Father!  GOD’S PEACE BE STILL!❣️

  4. Amen! Her outfit mimicked the Hunger Games. America and the Nations are hungry for the Bread of Life in the midst of His perfect peace.

  5. Samson was not mute.
    Read the word.
    He spoke to the young man that held him by the hand and said let me feel the pillars that held up the colusseum.
    Please be carful in handling the word of God. We need to be accurate with the word. Because we are trusted with the oracles of God.
    Pastor George Cross

    • My brother she knows the word of God. Samson was not physically mute but he was spiritually mute.. he was a Judge of Israel but there in his captors grip he was Mute as in his voice was powerless had nothing he could say to change his situation, this was the prophetic parallel she was referring to as they silienced President Trump from all platforms, bow they seek to silence him greater through Impeachment. It won’t work.

      – Pastor Brent Hudnall

  6. You ever look at NUMBERS CHAPTER 4 Has blue cloth see itin covering the holy things 5 times on five things. The cover on that table in your live video???

  7. Hello Prophetess Veronika,
    Thank you for allowing God to put a burden for the US on you.
    Please can tell us in plain language what time are we now?
    Thank you.

  8. He is SOO Far above and Beyond!!
    I think often of the Owl Dove and Eagle dream. I’m grateful that you’ve brought this to my attention today as it’s been a bit dark. I keep my eyes fixed on the One before me Who is preparing the snakes to be crushed beneath the soles of my feet. What awesome patience, trust and perseverance the Lord has been producing in His people through the Flood and Fire. We will Shine from the Center out with the Brilliant Display of His Splendor!!
    I just love you Veronica. Bless your beautiful heart. I will continue praying blessings upon blessings upon you and yours!! 
    What a pleasure to partner
    with the Sons of God for such a time as this!!

  9. Hi just wondering about the poker game dream between President Trump and Biden for a few months ago?Where does that fit with the prophetic timeline?

  10. Thank you Veronika I follow you on Facebook but understand that they censor Christians. So good to find you here. Thank you again for your sacrifice of prayers and praise for and from our Father God.

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