A Testimony of The LORD’s Healing — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you so much beloved for your encouraging testimony. May the LORD bless you Angus and Jill, I remember you two, you blessed Greenland once :-) Lucia

    • Dear Lucia,
      All praise and thanks be to the LORD, for it is a testimony of His mercy, grace, healing and provision to be sure.
      Greenland is always on our minds and has a special place in our hearts, as you have been such a blessings to us over the years.
      Love and blessings in the name of Christ Jesus to you and all of yours,

  2. Praise the Lord for He always takes care of His servant who put their trust in Him.  I pray that you continue to always walk in divine health, prosperity, and happiness.  Abundance of blessings to you!!

    • Dear Yolanda,
      Thanks so much for your prayers and ongoing support.
      We are truly blessed in the LORD!
      Love and blessings in Christ Jesus to you and all of yours,

    • Dear Andrew,
      Yes indeed! Thank you LORD for all you do and have done in our lives!!
      Thank you also Andrew for your continued support.  It is hugely appreciated.
      Love and blessings to you both in the glorious name of Jesus,