How to Minister to the Human Spirit


Have you ever heard people talk about your spirit versus your soul?

Many people don’t really understand the differences between the two.  Well, I’m especially excited today because sometimes there is revelation that makes my spirit leap — and this is one of those gems from Heaven.

Today, we’re going to venture out into some things that most people really don’t get to hear about (especially on Sunday morning) … and that’s why you tune into my podcast. God is releasing new revelation and new understanding.

In fact, I felt the LORD say that there will be some listening who are going to get a breakthrough with this message.

Arthur BurkIn this Spirit Connection podcast, my special guest is a person who has helped me work through some “bumps in the road” in my life — Arthur Burk.

He is part of the Sapphire Leadership Group and he is a very interesting man.  Arthur’s a second-generation social entrepreneur, he founded a think tank in Anaheim, California, devoted to erasing the lines between the secular and the sacred.

He has a cutting-edge style and he’s now moving into an entirely new area, where he’s beginning to partner with the Holy Spirit in mental health.

I’m personally excited, because Arthur taught me to understand the human spirit and how we can minister to a person’s spirit as opposed to their soul.

Here’s a sneak peek into our conversation:

  • “So, that whole sector of understanding that the human spirit and the Holy Spirit are best buds, they partner together, they work very fluidly …  but they are two separate entities doing slightly different things.”
  • “We have a YouTube video called Your Spirit in Surgery.  It teaches the human spirit how to function during surgery because the human spirit is conscious, the soul is not.”
  • “So, that realm of the human spirit being able to act on the human body was another revelation, one that we have developed …  a lot.”
  • “Here’s the bottom line: Your spirit absolutely, positively, does not in any way, shape or form have autism … so we have a body that has a variety of nonfunctioning components and you have a soul that is deeply impacted by the body.”
  • “So, our identity in those three areas of which member of the trinity we are primarily expressing is rooted in our spirit, not our soul.”
  • “So, you work out your own sanctification theology, but the spirit needs change. When you look at the victims of satanic ritual abuse, you look at girls who have been sex trafficked, you look at people, kids that have been raised in abusive homes … and it does damage the spirit.”
  • “You didn’t know what happened, but you absolutely have experienced your spirit changing its posture and it affecting the functionality of your brain. Beautiful!”

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~ Doug Addison

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