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A Warning Dream About Donald Trump — 26 Comments

  1. I found this article when I was trying to research visions of my own.

    I saw Donald Trump on a throne. He was pulled up from the throne and cast aside. In front of the throne was a very large deep hole. There was a line of people walking towards the throne. As each person got closer to the throne they fell in the hole.

    For 3 days straight after my prayers and during meditation, I had a different vision. That one was my first.

    In the second vision, I was standing outside facing a man. This man was looking to his right, staring hard. I looked over to see what he was staring at. I saw thousands of people in several straight lines one in front of the other. It stretched back for as far as I could see. They were all staring straight ahead. I looked over to see what they were staring at.
    In front of them was a road that led to a mountain. On the other side of the road there was another crowd of people lined up in the same formation. Then I saw a woman walk down the road that separated the 2 crowds of people. I noticed where the road met the mountain there was an opening in the mountain. Then I saw the woman walking on the mountain.
    In front of her there was a small red toy helicopter. She walked over to the helicopter and picked it up. She released it into the air. It flew over the 2nd crowd of people and dropped something down into a little girls hands. It was a scroll. The little girl opened the scroll and showed the man next to her. In big bold letters were the words “I AM“.

    3rd Vision.
    I heard the name “Helena,” then I saw a lake. There was a mountain or very large hill behind the lake. There was a crowd of people standing in a circle around the entire lake. Then I saw a warrior Angel riding a horse in the sky.His wings were spread out.
    Then I saw a very happy monkey with a gold crown on his head wearing royal clothing. He was smiling and flapping his arms, making happy sounds. Then I saw a herd of men riding horses like they were getting ready to go into battle.

    This morning my thoughts were all over the place, but one thing that seems sharp and clear were a swarm of butterflies flying around. They blocked out the sun for a brief moment.

  2. Wow! I am totally amazed by the way in which we are not fully submitted to the will of GOD being done in America as it is in heaven. Our Father is neither Democrat nor Republican, He is simply GOD. As I read the dream and its interpretation, I walked away baffled. As prophets of The Most High we must be prayerful of what we speak and how we interpret what we are seeing. As Joshua declared, as for me and My house I will serve the Lord. I am on the Lord’s side. I continue to pray that God’s will be done in this nation in Jesus Name. Amen.

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