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A Word About the Monarchy in Britain (Updated) — 16 Comments

  1. It never will be …the 10 kings prophecy of revelation will be reason that they rise to keep it until God destroys all these so called kingdoms of the dragon of a briefly restored global Roman/religious system empire. I ran into the Windsor royal family in the past. I can testify that this family is not in pure sense Christian but a fabrication of their history has it. There are many wicked things still being done by this family…this throne will endure until the Lord of the heavens comes down and resurrects those who believed in his glorious return and transmute his remaining followers to heaven in Glory…

  2. Chris, look at channel 4 documentary 2004 on the real king of England and you will be very surprised. It’s on YouTube under timeline. Our real king should be someone called Simon Abney-Hastings.

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