A Word for America for July 2016


Happy 4th of July dearly beloved.  Let me prophesy to you what is coming to you in this month of July 2016.

For God showed me certain things that are coming to his people in this 7th month of the year.  July will be a month of divine enlargement.

Those of you who felt constricted in your lives should get ready for God to expand you in this month.  Suddenly you will be able to believe more, achieve more, and receive more.

More favor is coming to those of you who have been praying which will lead to more open doors.  For the LORD says to many of you, “My time to remember you has come.”

Some of you who worked tirelessly for God but felt forgotten will know the LORD as El Roi, “the God who sees,” for He has seen you in your affliction to remember you.

And God says concerning the attacks of the enemy that have come forth over your life, “Do not fear, for you will not be ashamed.”

The LORD will arise to vindicate you.  He will remove the battle from your life and elevate you above those who fight you.  Yes, this July, the LORD will arise upon your life to judge your enemies.  Those who have fought you are about to discover that you have a defender for he will be mighty to save you.

This month of July, the LORD is calling the church and the nations to repentance.  For He took me into the vision and showed me the state of California, and he said to me that if they do not repent disaster will strike even there.

I saw a massive 8.5 earthquake that struck within the state.  It was so bad that the land was divided and craters created in the earth.  Cars were unable to move on the road, because they were also affected by the quake.  It was a fearful sight.

God is saying,  “Repent and turn back to me and I will have mercy on you, for I AM a merciful God, and I will heal you.”

The LORD spoke to me in the month of June that He is now cleaning up His church.  It will not be business as usual for anyone who is not walking straight with him.

This is a month to check yourself and confirm that you are in the light.  It is a month to “come out of Babylon,” lest you share in her judgments.

It is a month to search yourself out and return back to God.  And the LORD says,  “Purify yourselves, for I AM coming to do a new thing in your lives.”

God also gave me Obadiah 17 for you: for He says, “Only those who are holy will dwell with Me on My holy mountain.”

In this month of July, God will raise many divine helpers to His people.  You will not struggle to enter into destiny, for the LORD will send you new divine connections.

Those who have felt forgotten like Mephibosheth will suddenly be remembered and lifted by their ‘Davids’.

God will make you sit at his banquet table and comfort you from the pain you underwent at the hand of your enemies.  You will suddenly have an encounter with the goodness of the LORD.  Ah, prepare yourself to sing, for God will even drop a new song in your spirit man.

Oh glory!  The LORD says, “Move, move, move!  Do not be still My children.  For I have given you My power, and I AM with you to help you finish my work, but you must move.

If you stand still, you will lose.  Follow me, for I will direct your steps and bring you into the destiny I have prepared for you.

Do not fear, for that does not come from me.

I AM the God of victory, and I desire to reveal my power in your lives.  If you will follow My commandments, I will bring you into your destiny, for I AM a faithful God.”

To those of you who have felt weak, the LORD said to tell you that He is coming to renew your strength this July.  You will suddenly be able to achieve more for God said, “Tell them, I AM increasing My grace in their lives.”

What seemed difficult to do before will now be made easy for God himself will be your strength.  No more struggle for you.  No struggle to pray, no struggle to read the word and no struggle to do the work of God.

To the intercessors, the LORD says,  “Stand in your position,”  for the LORD desires to birth His now purposes on the earth through your lives.

The LORD also says, “Watch the skies, for I will increase My wonders in the heavens as My time to return draws near.

Blessed is the one who keeps His garments white, for I will give to him to sit with Me in My Kingdom.

In those days, there will be one Kingdom and one King, for I, the LORD, will rule over My people.”

I now command this month of July to cooperate with your divine destiny.

I declare your July will end in victory.

Hey, raise your faith!  Receive the manifestation of this word in your life, in jesus name!!!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi




A Word for America for July 2016 — 3 Comments

  1. I thank God for leading me to you. Some of your prophecy are things I was praying to Him about. He gave me a word from Ezra a month ago. Part of that word He spoke to me was He going send others to help us and he would help us. Confirmation me.

  2. God also spoke to me around the 4th. He was going give another big victory. God confirming His word He gave me thru you. God amazes me!

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