God is About to Shock You!


Somebody, God is about to shock you by manifesting an extravagant display of his love for you in your life!

Ah, all you wanted was to feel a little bit of his presence, but God will bring you onto multiple visions and visitations to heaven.  [I say it because I’ve been there].

All you needed was money to pay the rent, but God will give you a fully paid for house.

All you needed was a job, but God will do more.  He will make you an employer!

You only wanted a decent car, but God will make you drive in the very best.

All you wanted was a good husband, or wife, but God will give you the best you could have.

Hey, who am I talking to?  All you wanted was an international trip outside your continent, but God will give you a personal jet and grant you to travel all over the world.

All you wanted was total healing, but God will use your testimony to save an entire generation in your family and beyond.  He always does more than we ask him, you know.

All you wanted was to touch people and help save souls in your city, but God will make you His salvation to the ends of the earth.

All you wanted was to earn a degree, but God will grant you to earn a PhD in record time.

Ah, I am definitely speaking to someone.

All you wanted was to sing a song to bring him glory, but God will make your album to top the charts allow over the world.  International tours will follow.

All you wanted was for God to use you to heal your momma, but He will use you to heal countless millions.  You wanted God to make you a millionaire, but he will make you a billionaire instead.  So you can touch many more lives.  God always sees much more than you can do.

All you wanted was for God to bless you with a child, but he will give you children who will be renowned all over the world.

All you wanted was food to take care of the homeless man outside your house, but He will give you multiple homes for the needy.

All you wanted was for God to set you free, but He will rise to set your entire family and entire generation free.

All you wanted was to meet your president, but God will make you meet countless presidents all over the world.  God always does more.

All you wanted was to appear on TV, but God will give you your own TV station.

Really, I could go on and on with the list of the things God will do for you.  The God whom we serve is not known as el cheapo, no, he is El Shaddai, the all sufficient God.

This same God is about to use you as a channel of manifesting his glory.

Ah, can you hear me?  You are about to be lifted by the living God to a life beyond your wildest imaginations.  All you need to do is raise your faith.

Don’t be stuck in the small mindedness mentality.  No, open yourself up for greater, because greater is coming!

By the anointing on my life, I declare it: you are about to exceed human expectations over your life in your generation.

You are about to stand out amongst your peers.  While the lives of others are written on the sands of time, yours will be written on the rocks.

You can never be written off, forgotten, or ignored.  Hey, I command it: whatever it is that you desire from the presence of God, let much more than that be released to you today.

Raise your faith now, receive it, in jesus name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi




God is About to Shock You! — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you Father for remembering me and keeping your promises for my life.  Thank you Father for forgiving me as my sins have been many.  I am thankful Father for your faithfulness and your goodness.  I am eternally grateful Father for your grace and your mercy.  Please use me for Your Purposes and please equip me so that I can accomplish what you have destined me to do.
    Thank you Father.  I love you.
    Your Son,

  2. Paul, the Lord led me to your Blog, and I have been following your declarations and prayers from your fast. I thank God for them and they have been a blessing to my life. For the first time in my life I was able to fast for 3 days. I feel God restoring to me the hunger and thirst for Him. Thank you for this word of knowledge that was confirmation.