A Word for Ghana


Ghana FlagI see more natural resources in the land yet to be discovered, a rise of a change in this great country.  Let watchers rise for Ghana for a great government that will arise.

I see a change coming, but watchers need to rise.

Ghana is a blessed nation about to be known in the world beyond what we have known and seen.

It has nothing to do with a political party…..  But the disadvantaged and the controversial will gain favor into power, motive for great change and the next move of change is hanging on that party.

I close up the satanic wombs, destroy satanic incubators and abort them against the nation of Ghana.

I close up demonic movement at the boarders and the heavens boarders and the waters realms.

May God release angelic assistance to the nation of Ghana.  The satanic pregnancies is aborted against Ghana.

I turn the table of the enemy outside down.

I break satanic horn by the release of the angelic carpenters.

I seal by the blood of Jesus Christ the four cardinals of the nation Ghana against intruders.

I see a rise and a change coming.

Grace and peace in Ghana.


~  by Nathaniel Nii Wight

Nathaniel Nii Wight

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