Jesus said – Except Those Days Be Shortened….


Take heed, that no “man” deceive you. This implies, that some will attempt to do just that.

I wish to say, that there will be no debate about pre-trib, mid-trib or such as that.  The time is too far spent.  All of our going back and forth about what scripture said this, and which one said that, did not amount to anything.  Somebody sneaked in unawares, I might say, and began teaching their own interpretation of the sign of the times.

I want to speak softly to those in my generation.  We’re still here.  It never occurred to most of us, that false teachers would creep in and lay the foundation for blindness, and the lulling to sleep.

It’s a tragedy that too many of us spent years focusing and arguing over what we thought the apostles said.  Allowing the things that Christ proclaimed and taught, to slip into the background was error; one of the worst we could have done.  Quoting them, but not quoting Him.

How we could have ever given more power to what the apostle’s doctrine said, than to what the doctrine of Jesus Christ was, is a clue.

Long before we get to the argument of just what “The Great Tribulation” really is, Christ had already made another statement that should have caught our ears.  I’m no expert, no real theologian or a pronounced biblical scholar; and don’t claim to be anything much.  But He said, “and many false prophets shall rise (and hear this), and shall deceive many.”  There was and is deception, among us.

In this Gospel, I don’t find where He said “the” great tribulation.  If years ago we thought we knew about those wars and rumors of wars, it was nothing compared to what we are seeing today.

If we thought there were evil men then, we did not have a hint of what we would be seeing today.  I remember one of those teachers being at a large meeting; til this day, I can recall what he said.  It led us to believe, that Jesus was just going to sweep us up out of here.  We were not going to see those things Jesus said we would.  Deceived.

There was a big controversy, over who the “elect” were that our LORD spoke of.  Overstretching their understanding and authority, it seemed to ignore, that we were adopted; that through Jesus Christ, we now had the same inheritance rights as His own chosen ones.

I don’t believe that many of us knew how many gifts we actually had.  The Spirit was already discerning and knowing in many of us.

How do I know that?  Even now, we can recall that something about what they were saying, did not agree with the Holy Ghost in us.

The events of only yesterday, remind me of the only thing that is going to deflect the darkest evil that we are experiencing now.  It is the Church.

It’s not this “modern style church,” it’s the host of those who once learned how to go into deep intercession in the Spirit.

It is those of all ages today, who have made up their minds that they are going to follow the leading of the Holy Ghost; no matter what.

There are some man-made kingdoms claiming to be of God, that are now already falling.  They are so sure of themselves, they do not see it.

Much further down in this text, in verse 24, Jesus yet says, “For there shall arise, false Christs and false prophets…..”

Do you sincerely think, that we are without spot or wrinkle?

Angels from God, once swept through entire kingdoms, even through His own chosen people, to rid himself of those offending.

Jesus Christ said the same thing about His Body.  Again, angels were going to sweep through, and remove those who are offending others, and Him too.

Then, His Kingdom will shine forth, bright as the sun.  The darkness is creeping up on us; actually, it’s already here.

When, will we pray?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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