A Word for His Weary Warriors!


This is a Word to all those precious weary warriors on the front lines of battle.  He says “Come”!

Rivers of refreshing and renewal are here!

Are feeling like you have been living in a place of barrenness and brokenness?

Are you experiencing the loneliness, isolation and limitation of the valley?

Are you crying out in the desert where the heat has taken its toil upon your soul?

Are you spiritually parched where life seems to have lost its true meaning, passion and purpose?

He says, “Fear not!  For I AM with you. 

Though you are weak and weary, I will strengthen you.

Though you are lonely and isolated, I AM your ever-present help in times of need.

Though you are frail and your heart is filled with fear and you are ready to fall, I will uplift and uphold you with My right hand which is filled with righteousness, dealing forth rewards and punishments.

I AM your mighty redeemer.  I AM the restorer of your soul.

Look!  For the rivers of My Grace and goodness are flowing forth in this hour.

Watch!  For I will open up rivers on the barren heights, and fountains in the midst of your valleys.

Watch!  As I turn the hot desert into a pool of refreshing waters, and the parched lands into springs of cool water.

Come and draw near!  Come and drink from the rivers of living waters.

Come and be refreshed, revived and renewed!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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