A Word for The UK – The Iceberg – It’s Turning!

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Part 2
The Iceberg ~ It’s Turning!

Part 2 was written within a year of Part 1.  Only after the Brexit Referendum of 2016, did I begin to examine, that Part 2 could be a fulfillment of Part 1 given earlier.

At the very beginning, we spoke about The Iceberg.

This country Great Britain, this island being turned upside down…and exposed to the air (Holy Spirit), the clear blue sky (the Fathers will) and the sun (the Lord Jesus Christ).  (A sight of His Glory).

Air, Sky and Sun… the Godhead

I saw the beginnings of the turning upside down and around of this country… the 6/7ths below, becoming visible…the 1/7th above, becoming invisible, now,  underwater.

This happened as I saw the LORD place downward force, very firmly with His foot, somewhere in the Southeast of England, very near London.

The force of this foot began to turn the iceberg by tilting it..

The northern and north western areas of the country began to rise into the air, the south and south eastern part of the country began to get submerged at their coasts.

The Creator of these laws began to turn this island, this country upside down.  He began to turn the berg through an impossible angle.

We have yet to see the full geometry of God… we are yet to discover the fuller and more hidden dimensions of Him… yet to witness these incredible works and power of our God… who chooses until this NOW, not to be “as hidden” any more.

We have yet to see the heart of our God revealed to us through the new life which is in Jesus… to be seen in this new way.

His foot comes down tilting the land, the island from one point to another, diagonally across and down through the axis.  The Northeast of the country, becomes seriously raised into the air … the Southeast of the country began to submerge.

Until that which was below, now becomes what’s above.  That which was above, becomes that which is now below.

This results in the former, larger, submerged grey 6/7ths become exposed to HIM.

This also, causes the waters to churn greatly by the icebergs displacement.

As you imagine the natural effects that would move upon the shores of Europe, if physically this would happen?

And what effect on this country?  This is the way that God choose to show the effect of his power upon the iceberg in a spiritual way.  Think about that.

“SEE IT” …. we see by LOOKING.

These waters churned and foamed giving way to His momentum.  A shifting and moving of a great weight and mass.

This island as it passed underwater through this “impossible angle” and rested upright… the bottom becoming the top… it appeared as a glistening ice diamond droplet in the world’s oceans.

I saw it as it were a jewel adorning his crown.  Rediscovered and formed through the furnace of renewal, resurrection and revival.

As the LORD brings down His foot positively and not falteringly, the ice explodes under His Heel.

His action in fact crushes a previously unseen serpent, crawling on its belly, within the scope of the area of London.

This serpent was seen because it was against the backdrop of this glistening orb of land. With it came the words… “The God of Peace will soon crush Satan under His foot”.

The LORD’s aim with His foot was so accurate in bringing His heel down on the serpent’s neck, He pinned its head to the ice.

Even though the ice was slippery, His foot did not slip… it was fixed on its neck… just as it was fixed in Christ on the cross and how the serpent was fixed to the cross Moses fashioned in the desert.

The Spirit explained to me… there was to be this outpouring of His vigilant, violent force and applied by Him into a world that lacks the moral order of God’s love and might.

He showed me that the neck of the snake was “almost, but not quite” separated from the head and the body.  It only left the slimmest, merest sliver of ligament, which tenuously joined it.

The LORD was making the point that satan’s lifespan is only held together by that which God himself and Him alone determines it to be and not by that which satan determines it to be.

There is no power or authority except … that God alone gave it… to God it is an incidence in eternal terms, to bring completion for all of the fulfillment of Gods plans for His self and this nation.

Only what He determines to remain, will remain.

The LORD, The LORD, The LORD God Almighty, the El Shaddai, The Holy One of Israel.  He has come and He will continue to make the place of His feet glorious.

His foot will not slip; neither will He let ours slip.  For His are and have been planted firmly and securely, following the already made footsteps of the Saviour, gone before in suffering and triumph.

From here, the LORD seemed to take me into another realm…  I was in no way out of control, things appeared new and vibrant and alive, beyond ones normal level of understanding and scope.

Again I heard the Spirit say, He will make the place of his feet glorious and that God has taken this place with man and embarked on this journey on behalf of man His creation.

He described the “place of His feet” (heel) as “to make an eternal impression for Him”… and that this would be known as a focal point in the history, not just of Britain, but also Europe…

He put it in cosmic terms, in that He showed me the deep recesses of space, like those pictures of the towers and clouds of pillars of cosmic dust… it was shown along side to show the “beauty and majesty and significance” in terms of what he was going to do.

His work, would outstrip, outweigh and outshine even the farthest known discovered beauties of the cosmos… the creative work of God that forms billowing cosmic dust into scenes of awe inspiring beauty…such is the plan of His handiwork, here on earth.

These scenes can only be seen or understood more clearly, “outside the curving plane of the bow of earth’s atmosphere.”

As it happens, the Hubble Telescope is in such a place… outside man’s known atmosphere, where the atmospheres own distortion hides detail and form.

But He was saying that, that which is going on; to be brought about is of that ilk and kind in its beauty.

No eye has seen, no ear heard, no mind conceived what GOD HAS for those that love Him.

He continued to say that this would be a place of supreme significance in terms of what has already been created and seen.  He left me with this statement.

“In Jesus we saw the fingerprint of God, and now we shall see the footprint of Heaven”

As I write and edit today … July 28th 2016, it occurs to me now, but only partially back then … that this footstep of the LORD, “almost” completely severing the serpents head, took place in London… the focal point of the nations Brexit Referendum on Europe.

An “unseen”, a “less than visible Evil” has been delivered the blow and God has used the vote to leave as his means to turn this nation upside down, geographically, economically, politically and spiritually … and we are seeing the rushing waters effects, its boiling turmoil, landing on the shores of our neighbors in Europe … but God is not just a wave, he is also the mighty tsunami, that invades deep, deep, inland beyond the borders and barricades of man towards him.

In fact he has said, that this era upon us is not just a wave … its is HIS TIDE.

Like the day when God brought out his nation, his peoples from Egypt and the pursuit of their foes ended in the divide, the “separation” of the Red Sea, as the waters receded, the boundaries were never ever the same after that, a new watermark had been

To God be the glory great things he hath done, so loved He the world that he gave us His son ….. praise the LORD let the earth hear His Voice.


See also:
“The Iceberg” – Part 1
“Rule Britannia: Raise the Titanic!” – Part 3

This Word was second given 1997-2004 and is the first of a three part series which relates to current events in the United Kingdom.

~ David Hood


David Hood, is from Stanley, County Durham, England and was born-again 30 years ago.  He began a more serious prophetic insight in the 90’s.


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