A Word for The United States of America!


A Word for the nation of The United States of America!

American flagAmerica, hear the word of the LORD,

“My beloved, just as I sent My servant Moses and chose My servant Arron to deliver My people from slavery, so I have sent and chosen instruments for your deliverance in this hour and in this generation.  

Fear not, for I AM the mighty breaker that goes before you to break to pieces the heavy yokes and steel chains that have held you captive and kept you bound”,  says God.

“For my ways are not your ways, I do not look to the outward appearance as man does, but I look to the heart, for many have said, “Surely this cannot be God’s best for our nation,” but I say to you beloved, do not lean on your own understanding, for just as I chose, anointed and appointed My servant king David by the hand of My prophet Samuel, so I have chosen, anointed and appointed one that shall deliver you from the giants in the land.

Rejoice and be glad for I AM leading you into great victory and great triumph.  

My beloved America, I have not left you fatherless, nor have I forgotten or forsaken you, but I have raised you up and taken you under my wing and covered you with My feathers.”

The spirit says, “Be ready, for I shall open up for you new wells in a new land of promise and prosperity, and you will build, occupy and establish My Kingdom purposes upon the earth”, says God.

“Now arise, oh mighty warriors, and declare My works of glory, stand strong and do not waver in the face of your adversaries, but run with unshakable confidence towards those that have opposed my purposes in the land,” says God.

“Do not grow weary in the battle.  Do not be caught sleeping or slumbering in the midnight hour, but stay alert and keep vigilant, praying and decreeing always that My Kingdom will come, and that My will be done on earth as it is in heaven…..!

Listen!  Just as I hardened the heart of Pharaoh, so I have hardened the hearts of those who have kept you bound and held you to ransom, for even now, in this moment, there is a war that is waging in the realms of the spirit, a war for the identity and destiny of this great nation,”  says God.

“America, behold I come like thief in night, for even the darkness is light to me,” says God.

“I come swiftly to render justice against your oppressors.  I come to strike fear and dread in the heart of the fiery dragon that has been unleashed upon the nations.  I come to bind and loose at your word,” says God.

“Beloved, I have heard the sound of your praises which has shifted the atmosphere of death and destruction and lifted the veil of confusion and chaos that has caused many to be blinded by the lies and deceptions of the serpent spirit.  Now get ready and be aligned, for My governing hand moves on your behalf to set the record straight, and to announce a guilty verdict against the devourer.

Suddenly, I shall bring forth restoration, vindication and victory for My people, and I shall repay and restore to them 100 fold for that which has been taken and that which has been destroyed.  

Watch, in this day.  I will cause My goodness to pass in front of you.  I will proclaim My name in your presence, and I will show you mercy and great compassion,” says God.

And the Spirit says, “Watch, as My fiery glory marches forth upon the earth in this hour, for I AM reinstating and recommissioning an army of radical reformers that will carry the mandate of fire and power that will change, transform and reform the nations of the earth”.

America, I decree; no longer will you falter between two opinions for you have been chosen by God as a forerunner nation that will carry the fires of revival.

You will be the demonstrators of His signs and wonders to the rest of the world.

This is your hour of divine visitation.

I see the waters rising causing you to move and advance with greater clarity, strategy and divine purpose in this hour.

As a nation, America, I see you crossing over the threshold into the greatest spiritual awakening that the world has ever seen.

America watch!

For I see a small door and I hear these words,  “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.  Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it”,  says the spirit of God.

I prophesy over you America:  that the sound of the gavel of His justice will be heard across the land, and you will see the vindication and restoration of the LORD!

Even now, I see the hand of God opening up new wells and the waters of separation and sanctification flowing forth upon your land.

I see the breath of God now breathing greater increase and enlargement upon the seed of your faith,

I declare:  you will go beyond the boarders of limitation and you will enter through the narrow gate into new life and new territory, and nothing will hinder or halt your advancing into the land of promise and Kingdom destiny.


~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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  1. Interesting! This completely contradicts 99% of the words and messages of destruction coming to America being received by other messengers and prophets. So, what gives?? I don’t understand.

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