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A Word for Venezuela: Maduro to be Removed! (Updated) — 16 Comments

  1. Glory to God! Thank you brothers and sister for your prayers! God will free Venezuela from the strongholds of evil in the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. Yes is all Weis pray most when es for a Country that is step on it for comunist people who are killing the population for don’t like theirs arguments and their excessive abuse to the people in their own Country because MADURO is not from Venezuela he is from Colombia and in his own Country the people not want him. But not to far is a day that God open those chaings to let go the free man. Every body is writing for that day. Cuba have to be freedom too is the same dog with different chain. God bless America and the Islands in this ocean Caribean too. Amen ❣️❣️❣️

  3. How came country Venezuela arrived at this political and economic situations of today?
    Was late Chavez a salvations or a distruyer to country Venezuela and her citizens?
    We all are animals some belong to groups of Lions Chickens snake monkey bird’s y elephants horse etc.
    Human being under category of Donkey will never have the intelligents behaviors to others human being correctly we are praying days and nights to Almighty God to free country Venezuela and her citizens from the hands of Donkey as he as done to the principal actor Hugo Chavez the achictect and distruyer of country Venezuela and her citizens as soon as posible because the situations is getting worst and very bad every day

  4. This is not the 18th century.sending missionaries to foreign countries. We need prayers here to help the amarican people. 50 percent living in poverty! 70 percent living paycheck to paycheck.50 percent without healthcare.

  5. Que Deus proteja a todos nossos irmaos que juntos possamos reerguer a Bandira da Venezuela livre em toda parte do Mundo, o Brasil ora por voces!

  6. En el nombre y por el poder de la sangre preciosa de Jesucristo que así sea. Venezuela brillará de nuevo y los venezolanos volveremos a casa.

    • La sangre de Cristo no destruye. La sangre de Cristo edifica. no tiene rencor no usa brujeria no tiene envidia.  no se dejen engañar por charlatanes que usan la palabra para dividir y manipular quando estamos pasando pruebas!la sangre de Cristo tiene poder. AMEN.

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