A Word of the Lord to HIS Remnant


Word of the Lord to My Remnant, Warriors Bridal company and Nazirite sons and daughters.

I am removing the seals and veils that have covered and hidden My glory in you, that you could remain hidden during your processing.

You have passed your final exams and you bear My stamp of approval upon you.  One of your final tests was to bless those who cursed you; pray for those who have spitefully used you; loved those who have spoken evil of you and slandered your name and reputation and diminished your influence.

I will vindicate you and My purposes, plan and destiny in your lives.  I will cause My glory to rise, rest, and be seen upon you, to draw multitudes into the Kingdom.

I can trust you with the greater Glory, for you have learned humility and put your absolute trust in Me, in all things.

This is your hour to begin to receive the honor that is due you.  For your faith has been tested tried and purified as gold in the midst of the fire.

For many of you, your visions and plans have died and have fallen into the ground, so many times you almost lost sight of them.  But pick up those visions, dreams and plans once again, and watch them flourish and prosper.

The death of your vision served its purpose, for you have been purified in me, and they now carry My sweet fragrance, says the Lord.

During your season of testing, you began to believe they were just yours.  Now I will show you that they were mine all along.  So I say unto you, plant those Churches, start those businesses and ministries, write those books, and visit those places once again.

Share those dreams and testimonies, for it will be different this time around, and you will be seen and heard, not for your sake, but for Mine.  For they will not be able to deny the work of transformation and My grace and glory that rests upon you.

I have made all things new in your lives. This day is the beginning of your new season your new life in me, for I have transformed you with Living Glory, and there is life in that Glory forever more, for you are My beloved and you are fully connected in Me.

Go and feed My sheep, the nations and the lost, with that new dimension of My glory called Life.  For you are carriers.  Go forth and watch all that you touch with My love come to life.

So once again, cast your nets into the seas.  This time, they will not come back empty, but full.  You will see an amazing harvest and be astonished,  for this is the hour that I will draw MULTITUDES to My Glory which rests upon you!



Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent




A Word of the Lord to HIS Remnant — 3 Comments

  1. All Praises to God Almighty. Thank you Brother Kevin for that right now sure Word of Godit gives life to my spirit soul and body and I must pass this word on to those who have felt like their hope was gone or almost gone…so thank you for that word of Life be blessed!

    Your Sister in the Lord,

    Minister Mary Byrd