A Word on Love


The LORD asks:

“Do you really love Me?

God is Love and everything flows from that!

Out of Love for you, we created you so that you could have a personal relationship with Us!

We created a perfect place for you in which to enjoy this relationship!

When Adam destroyed this relationship through rebellion I came to restore this relationship!

Remember that salvation is a relationship and this relationship is the main reason I created you!

The purpose of life is to learn how to correctly show My quality of love to The Father, The Holy Spirit, Myself and others.

As you show Love to us it will flow out to others and your relationship with us will deepen.

Love relates correctly to God, others and yourself!

Love also rejoices in correct relationships.

Love values a relationship and works at a valued relationship.

Love works at obedience as it realises that all Our commands are an expression of Our Love.

Love serves desiring only what is best for another.

Love exposes itself and is willing to suffer to show correct love in relationships.

How much are you willing to do these things for Me?

Remember that the opposite of Love is indifference.

If you Love me truly you will not be indifferent to My requirements of you and will work wholeheartedly to do all I ask you to do.

So, whenever you have a chance, do you tell others about me and what I have done for you and can do for them?

Do you remove My enemy and the damage he has done to the children of The Father and defeat his plans using the authority I have given you?

Do you reject all Satan offers you and seek only My Will in all things?

Do you love Me sufficiently and trust Me sufficiently to give up all you have for My purpose?

Remember that earth is the training ground for heaven.

If you cannot do these things on earth, how can you expect to do them in heaven?

Seek Me and learn to express your love toward me and then you will be in heaven after you die, so I can express My Love to you with all the joys and benefits that will occur for you as a result of correctly doing this.



~ Through Neville Salvetti ~ 2 October 2017.

HKP logoNeville Salvetti is a deliverance minister and can be contacted via The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti and at: salvettina@bigpond.com if you desire deliverance or to know how to do it.
Neville have been told to preach three things:
Deliverance   How to Hear The Holy Spirit   How to fight Satan
This is the need of the hour as it demonstrates The Kingdom of God, which is what attracts people to Jesus.

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