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  1. Thanks to each one of my dear friends here ! The middle part of the message, that`s very true, too. They still use 24/7 spy and more evil operations, hit-and-run tactics, provoking, mocking each day, and in the nights sometimes harder attacks. Where I go, they show – they already knew it – and they place their marks there. NO PRIVACY since years. They even write into our google search line, they manipulate or change pc and phone settings (even the alarm clock, to cause trouble at work) and when I went to my home country, they surrounded me even there. They have much money and time to follow their victims in organized, hidden groups. They love to hide and to destroy. Often I see in their behaviour who they are. They avoid eye contact, but some are very case-hardened, they show their hate, i.e., they spit openly.
    So much joy of my life and good destiny they have STOLEN, it`s a death program, it`s a murderous game for them. I am sorry but I MUST write this again. It`s not complaining. It`s hard reality.
    Thank you for every prayer and holy decree for me and my son.

    • Stand strong my sister; remember who you are and remain courageous and strong in the power of His might. You are spirit experiencing life in the earth realm. You are much more then you will Emagine.

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