A Word on Opening Doors


Presence, also comes from living the WORD.  That isn’t mentioned much but is so true.  When the LORD sends you into the store to get milk and you have a divine appointment and follow through with what HE tells you, THAT also brings presence.

Signs and wonders will follow the preaching of the WORD — However it is preached !  It is HIS compassion moving through you that will bring miracles.  And this will be a year for miracles as His glory increases.

The times will require more intimacy to keep our sanity.  Many will have to give up their homes and property due to hardships, but the LORD will restore and we will have what we need.  Those in the world will not even have that.

Many of you will be used as reservoirs of the Lord’s glory to be poured out upon MANY who will come to us for answers.  Hard times will force many to lawlessness, but others will seek answers in the LORD.  There will be more lawlessness this year, due to economic collapses.  So be wise oh sons and daughters, do not spend your money on unfruitfulness. Support one another like the early Christians – you will have to SHARE your means with others.

“It is not a time for selfishness, but it is also not a time for giving in to charlatans and carpetbaggers within the body who are lying to get more money, while they live in 3 million dollar homes.  I will call many of them to GIVE up their lifestyle and if they refuse, they will be judged, in order to return their hearts to humility.  Be careful not to scoff.  For you know none of you is perfect.  But do not give in to baseless wantonness of false shepherds.”

Doors of heaven will open and blessing of His glory will be poured out!


~ Priscilla

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