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A Word Update for The United Kingdom — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks bang on. Hopefully, still can’t believe that my brothers and sisters are still cutting about with the wool pulled over their eyes it’s like Jesus left the 1 to find the 99. He is a good shepherd.

  2. Five Reform MPs. I believe this is a prophetic sign from God, 5 being the number of grace, that God has not taken his hand off of this nation and that He will remember his covenant

  3. Unique and dynamic in prophetic dreams, visions and gifting/s woman of God! The Remnant is not only reading but praying for you and all those divinely connected to your ministry.

    God bless you mighty woman of God.

  4. The Reform party have won 5 seats as MPs! I believe God is going to use them in the days ahead to challenge the Government and bring them to account.

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