Abrupt Change!


“I AM the LORD and there is no other.  I cause to live and I alone hold the keys to death and hell!  I will NOT suffer My righteous servants to be rendered helpless.
I AM a Father to the fatherless.
I AM strength to the weak.
I AM the Lord God of Israel and to My Kingdom there is no end.
I bring higher and I bring low.  I AM the Eternal Living Flame of FIRE.
And I will not suffer My true prophets to be shamed any longer without consequence.
I will remove every shackle, every stronghold of the enemy and I WILL judge between the righteous and unrighteous.
I WILL winnow the wheat in My barns.  I WILL separate the wheat from the chaff.
I AM the ALL-CONSUMING FIRE and My fire will cleanse My temples and the people of My face will cry HOLY,  HOLY,  HOLY !!
I WILL execute MY ORDER and My justice and I will cause My servants to be made living flames of fire and they will harvest many souls for the Kingdom!  They will not break rank when they run through defenses.  They will walk with Me and know me as I’ve never been known for many, many generations.
Let me soak you in oil of myrrh and aloes, in rub you with saffron, and sprinkle you with perfumes of My incense.  I Am the Rose of Sharon an the Lily of the Valley.  You will grow fat as stall fed calves and your mourning will be turned to dancing!
I AM longing to dance with you My bride – To take your hand and to lead you into battle in ways of old through singing and rejoicing and the dance!
Winter is passing and the spring is almost here and the sound of turtledoves rejoicing is in the air.  There is turbulence in the heavens but the saints of old are rejoicing for the days they have longed to see are fast upon you.
Will you come aside and dance with ME?  Will you LET ME LEAD?
LET ME kiss your face and dry your tears?  LET ME search your hearts and mend them. LET ME lead you in paths of righteousness for MY name’s sake!
LET ME rearrange your lives as you rearrange furniture in a household.  Give ALL your cares to Me for I care FOR you!  A bruised reed, I will not break, and smoking flax I will not quench!”
THEN I heard HIM say,
I AM DECLARING it over the earth !


God bless you,

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Abrupt Change! — 3 Comments

  1. Great prophecy. It’s part of the many prophecies Jesus gave me which I don’t know where to post them. Amazing prophecy again.