Accountability: Your Portion for 2017!


Accountability must be your portion this year.   Submitting to others walking in humility are key ingredients.  

Leaders must come together and create the strategies needed to bring the people into the will of God.  Strategy teams, not money fellowships!

God has released divine judgment for this year to bring the people into accountability to His Word.  Feed His Sheep!  Those ministries that will be brought low will be gutted out, the Spirit of the LORD said.

Don’t let His Sheep wander in the wilderness to be eaten by the beasts of the field.  Some of you won’t accept those who come to you for help because they were once connected to your weak and wicked friends.  The LORD shall lead them to you for help!  Don’t reject them, but Feed His Sheep!

There shall be many who shall cry out this year for true deliverance.  The judgment will be swift and intense, because of the hardness of the heart.  It must be, because satan will desire to destroy quickly those who have played with their soul.

But God shall spare.  But they will encounter chastisement from the LORD.  Don’t interfere!  Their soul is more important than their cry of pain and relief.

God wants true repentance and a turning from their wicked ways.  Deployment is coming.

Transitioning is going to take place.  God shall move many into position to fight in enemy territory.  You will be sent into hostile territory, among those who shall oppose the truth.

Go in peace.  The LORD is with you to deliver you from your enemies.

Provision!  Provision!  Provision shall be provided.  Just obey the LORD!  Make sure your plans are according to the blueprint God has given you.  He will provide!

The Prophets shall prophesy according to the will of God.  Their words will not be full of pleasantries to appease the flesh, but they will speak only what is given bluntly, boldly and without compromise.

Don’t reconnect to what has been severed.

Leaders: True sons and daughters will pour into you and will uphold your arms.  They will feel your burden and help you to bear it.

God will bring you to a place of rest now so that you won’t become weary.  He will fight your battles and sustain you.  Those whom He shall use to bring forth His Word for the End-Times will be fought heavily by leaders who don’t want change for the people, but God will send you in their midst.

Don’t be afraid of their faces.  Obey the LORD and speak, that souls may come out of bondage and live.  Those who are operating illegally as leaders shall fold, but God will protect the Sheep so that they won’t get lost in the alignment.

Again leaders, I hear, “Feed My Sheep,” from the LORD!  Ready yourselves, for the harvest for those that shall come will be those that the religious won’t let in because of their tradition.

Outcast, rejects and those who look different are coming, but they will have a anointing on their lives.  Husbands and wives shall operate as one.  There will be no marriage divisions.  Order is being restored on the earth and the men are reclaiming their place.

Jezebel is coming down.  Ahab is being groomed and released to stand once again as the head of the house and the Ahab spirit shall not rule in the Kingdom.

Men get ready to come forth now in our kingly, priestly rulership, and bring your family and the Church back to the will of God.

Men are going to now stand up and provide, protect, direct His family and render worship unto the LORD.  The effeminate spirit in the Church will be confronted in power and love and there will be no compromise with it.

The world will become curious about the Church because of the spiritual changes allow God to draw them in with the foolish things.  Many will miss their harvest, because those whom God will send to bless them.  Don’t look at the outer appearance or even what they do, the wealth of the wicked is coming forth for the righteous and God shall send the wicked to finance your vision.

The transfer of wealth will be because the wicked will be driven to sow into your vision.

Don’t miss your harvest looking at the unclean vessels.  This year, the swords will be those whom God has chosen to teach His people.  They will reveal and release mysteries to those whom God shall chose.

Don’t cast your pearls to the swine.  Wait until God tells you to release the Word, before you open your mouth.

Get ready!  This will be a busy year as God develops His people to prepare them for 2018, when the miraculous shall spring wide open to cause lives to completely change.

To some, your warfare has cease and the overflow is here and you shall be blessed to be a blessing.

God is doing it for His anointed!  Arise and walk in your position and place of destiny for the rain has been released to fall once again.

The famine is over!  It is finished.  It is done.  Your turn has come.  Shout as you collect the spoils of your warfare journey NOW!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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