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Out With the Old – in With the New! — 4 Comments

  1. I recieved this encouraging word, 2016 was difficult. I thank God for sustaining me through so much difficulty, troubles at every side, much affliction! I have by the grace of God pushed through it all, I recieved and await with great resolve what the enemy meant for bad my God has turned around for Good!!!

  2. Out with the old… how this fits today ! White blanket covers the ground here.
    Showing grace, compassion and sharing beauty and serving the hungry… this is our task. Today I sat at the table with some homeless after having been in a luxury senior home. The Christmas trees were totally different. Absolutely different…but here and there people were hungry for a smile and a good word. People truly need our presence. It is so easy to do good when you once start to open the lips for good tidings. I heard bitter messages in the big city. But they listened to what I had to say. Amazing day. Snowfall even in the city. All are hungry for better times. Often it is only a drop on a hot stone, as a saying tells. But the Lord will add to them more hope and living water.

  3. I receive that in Jesus name. My hubby and I have folloaed the leading of the Holy Spirit for about the past 6 years now-we started out in NC- he relocated us to TN for 5 years and we are now in FL where, before we started the journey, he said we would ultimately be- so here we are-a New Year and at our destination. We hear the Spirit calling us to continue to pray and wait on God’s next direction. We know a 5 Fold Ministry is where are ultimate place is but we are patiently waiting on the ministry to get to where we are-as the Holy Spirit said it would S be-so we believe in Faith that 2017 is the year of findings- the ministry will come to where it is destined to be and we will begin this AWESOME work God has been showing us both over the past 6 years so we would be ready-

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