Out With the Old – in With the New!


To My servants, to My elect, to My chosen ones, this 2017 Word is for you.

For 2016 was a pressing, trying time for you but, you have pushed through the opposition, you have warred through it and have made it to crossover.

You have entered into the time zone of My double portion blessings.  All you have stood for, and all you have fought for, for you shall now step into it in this season,  saith the LORD!

Where the enemy said no, I have said yes and you said Amen! (so be it).  You chose to press and stand in agreement with me and My word and now says the Spirit of the LORD I shall fulfill every promise of My Word to you.

I allowed you to see those who were for you and those who were against you, the doubters, the naysayers, and the false accusers, they shall have their part in the lake of fire, but you My chosen ones are in this season coming out of the fire purified seven times.

Yeah, this is your season of double restoration says the LORD!  For the lid of the fiery furnace is being lifted and I AM releasing you from every affliction, bondage, and heavy burdens.

I AM releasing you to go forth with new mantles to show forth My glory and praise in this earth.  For heaven is now invading the earth through you My chosen ones.

Out with the old and in with the new!  New things do I now declare for I make all things new, saith the LORD God!

I have decreed it from My throne, no more opposition from the enemy, for he is cast out and My Kingdom comes to this earth and all will see it together and rejoice in that which I have created and prepared long ago for thee, My chosen.

You shall abide in My presence forevermore where My mercy and grace abounds, far above every principality, every might and every power, every dominion, seated with Me in the heavenly realm, at My right hand, where u will serve the hungry, the hurting, revealing My heart to them, meeting needs as I instruct thee.

Rejoice, I have made thine enemies thine footstool!  For I the LORD have bruised satan under your feet this day, saith the LORD!

For I have caused you to arise to this marvelous occasion where the table has already been set.  Now take your assigned seat, saith the Father, I have prepared it for you.

I shall restore double honor, wealth an riches shall be your portion in this season, saith the Spirit!  Healing and restoration is thy portion in this season, saith the Spirit!

Thy faith hath made thee whole.  Go forth into this new year and season in peace for thy appointed time hath come.  Favor surround thee on every side.  The devourer is cast out who did accuse you night and day he is cast out and his demons with him.

You are free to serve in My Kingdom to rule and reign with Me.  To serve My bread to the hungry, to break every yoke, to let the oppressed go free.  Greater mantles and anointings have been released in this season, now is the time for the Greater Glory to be manifest through you My chosen ones.

Rise and shine my chosen ones for My Glory is manifesting through you in this earth and all shall see it and shall rejoice together, for I will undo every burden, break every yoke, and perform My good pleasure upon My people, My chosen ones whom I have set aside for myself to show forth My praises and My Glory.  in whom I will be Glorified!

Rejoice, I say and again, I say rejoice!”


~ Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly FullerKimberly Fuller



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Out With the Old – in With the New! — 4 Comments

  1. I receive that in Jesus name. My hubby and I have folloaed the leading of the Holy Spirit for about the past 6 years now-we started out in NC- he relocated us to TN for 5 years and we are now in FL where, before we started the journey, he said we would ultimately be- so here we are-a New Year and at our destination. We hear the Spirit calling us to continue to pray and wait on God’s next direction. We know a 5 Fold Ministry is where are ultimate place is but we are patiently waiting on the ministry to get to where we are-as the Holy Spirit said it would S be-so we believe in Faith that 2017 is the year of findings- the ministry will come to where it is destined to be and we will begin this AWESOME work God has been showing us both over the past 6 years so we would be ready-

  2. Out with the old… how this fits today ! White blanket covers the ground here.
    Showing grace, compassion and sharing beauty and serving the hungry… this is our task. Today I sat at the table with some homeless after having been in a luxury senior home. The Christmas trees were totally different. Absolutely different…but here and there people were hungry for a smile and a good word. People truly need our presence. It is so easy to do good when you once start to open the lips for good tidings. I heard bitter messages in the big city. But they listened to what I had to say. Amazing day. Snowfall even in the city. All are hungry for better times. Often it is only a drop on a hot stone, as a saying tells. But the Lord will add to them more hope and living water.

  3. I recieved this encouraging word, 2016 was difficult. I thank God for sustaining me through so much difficulty, troubles at every side, much affliction! I have by the grace of God pushed through it all, I recieved and await with great resolve what the enemy meant for bad my God has turned around for Good!!!