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  1. I ENJOY this TOPIC…”Adullam�s Cave
    Adullam�s cave � a place of darkness and anonymity; a place of delayed dreams and disappointment, �the dark night of the soul�, which becomes that stronghold.”
    MANY are in Adullam’s cave they are comfort, some feel safe & some give up.I can’t believe how darken this century this decade has become it hurts 2c babies and children being BORN & taught of a twisted in-built lie about who they are really should be confusing a vulnerable young boy tellin him he’s meant 2b a girl & vice visa. If HE lives 2b a teen would start wearing make up, nail polish & bra & become a cold blooded killer. THIS is the making from satan…to steal, kill & strong (to manipulate, convince, tear down & suicide) Jekyll/Hyde. This is WHO WE ARE?????

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