America 2016: Do you see what I see?



A new beginning for many!

The Lord spoke to me upon waking up December 8, 2015 at 2:30 am. He said, “There is a new beginning for many!”

But then I saw that many are at the threshold of this New Beginning and the enemy is trying to make it as hard as he can to bring you a setback.

Then the Lord said that, “This New Year would go out like when a whirlwind is leaving an area and all of the dust is then settling, but that it will come in as a bright shining day after the storm!”

A refreshing for the days ahead

“There is a day of refreshing coming upon the saints of God and they are crossing over a threshold into this “New Day.”

And, I will blow the dust off of them and restore and refresh many with a Cool Wind Of My Spirit so that they can once again catch their breath for that which is ahead, and I will strengthen them in their inner man and they will not be bowed down from the weight of past battles and the debris of the many whirlwinds that they have endured!”

Dark Days ahead but I will bring new Expectancy

“i will give them a new expectancy and they will begin to hope again for that which they had almost given up on!

This season will be a new day for collecting that which was lost in the storms, but will be a refreshing for the days ahead.  For there are dark days ahead for the world but my people will shine from the cleansing rains that I AM going to send.

Only you must choose life right now to be able to cross over this threshold!  The enemy has tried to make you believe a lie that there is no hope for them from their God, but it is time to rejoice in Me because I AM a God who does not forget His promises!”

Real Hope and Change

“America, it was promised you in your last election, “hope and change” this was a counterfeit because no man can bring that which I can truly bring.  

in this next election, they will see that, only I bring hope, and only I will bring change, for they have been through the whirlwinds and in those storms many have turned to me!”

My Glory will lighten you as it burns up the enemy

“America, I AM a king and My kingdom is coming, so I had to take your eyes off of King Uzziah before My train would fill the temple!

So, look up and see in this season “The Lord, high and lifted up” for, I AM about to show forth My glory and it will lighten all of those who see it!  But it will also burn up all of your enemies!

It will cause men to desire holiness but others it will anger and I will have a remnant in the midst of the “Day of The Lord” who will bring in the harvest!  Yes the harvest will come but there will be a warfare over it and a separation of wheat and tares thus the refreshing is coming for these days!”

Press past the threshold of the old and come into the new, for those that have blocked your view of who I truly am are being removed, so that you can see where your real “hope and change” will come from!”

“In the year that King Uzziah died, [in a vision] I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and the skirts of His train filled the [most holy part of the] temple.  Above Him stood the seraphim; each had six wings: with two [each] covered his [own] face, and with two [each] covered his feet, and with two [each] flew.
And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!  And the foundations of the thresholds shook at the voice of him who cried, and the house was filled with smoke.  Then said I, Woe is me!  For I am undone and ruined, because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the Lord of hosts!”
  Isaiah 6:1-5 (AMPC) (read all of Isaiah 6).


~ by Jo Ellen Stevens
Arise Shine!

Jo Ellen Stevens imageJo Ellen Stevens of TCIC Ministries is a Prophetic speaker, author, worshiper and intercessor. She has ministered with her husband for 23 years and was a worship leader at the Assembly of God for many years. She is an ordained minister (Restoration Ministries) and works with Restoration Ministries in their Ministry Rooms doing prophetic worship with her husband. She has taught many bible studies and have led many intercessory prayer groups.


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