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  1. Interesting how dreams play out differently than we think they would. Timing is everything. It is 8-25-2023 as I write this and Trump still has now shown his hand!  I believe this dream highlights what is happening right now, and what is getting ready to happen. It’s going to happen at just the right time!

  2. While in worship at a home meeting the night before the election, I had a vision of a number of people in seats of authority. Some people were getting up and leaving. Others were coming and taking their place. These words came to me” the changing of the guard”. I believe this refers to not only the political team but also the spiritual realm as well. God is in control!

  3. Biden is 78/a type of the law(50+28=78)What God said in the Old and New Testament (Genesis and Matthew/78 chapters)…Trump is 74…the biblical number for Jesus/Gospel/Cross/Weapon/Joshua/Penny…add up the letters to these words and they all add up to 74…Trump is 74…as the church ⛪️ of Christ prays for Trump at this time we will see the victory in Jesus name…also the number 9…there are 9 fruit of the spirit and 9 gifts of the spirit and the devil’s counterfeit 9 is witchcraft/a cat has 9 lives/cats used in witchcraft…

  4. The Lord showed me about the ages of Biden and Trump are significant as well and very prophetic as well.Biden is78/a type of the law(50/Genesis +28/Matthew/What God said in the Old and New Testament to the Jews…Biden is a type of the law of Moses and going back to the law…Whereas trump is 74 in age and if you add up Jesus/Cross/Gospel/Joshua/Weapon/Penny all these words all add up to 74…And Jesus 74/Trump/a type/as well as Weapon/Gospel/Cross/Joshua/Penny they all add up to 74 as well…So Trump will win because Jesus/Weapon/Cross/Gospel/Joshua/Penny all fulfil the law…as long as the church of Christ believes this and prays without ceasing for Trump at this time!!!Amen!!!

  5. Donald Trump’s watch in the dream of the card game is as a trump card, and, as you say, signifies TIME.  I would add that now is NOT the time for the rule of Anti-Christ in the world to begin, which would occur if Donald Trump were allowed to be defeated by the present globalist cabal behind Biden.  Some time must first be set aside for ingathering of souls and some time for the remnant in Christ to be prepared to be able to stand against the major, end-times deception.

    Part of this preparation is happening now.  Are believers in Christ going to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit or to the lying spirits that inhabit the mass media?  In order to be able to stand in the last days, we must not listen to the voices of deceiving spirits that are sounding off in the popular press.  There is presently not just a battle over the election of a US President, but a major faith battle for all who are called to Christ.  If we cannot run with the foot soldiers (when attempts at deception are now fairly obvious), how will we be able to run with the chariots (when they become very subtle indeed)?  I believe that the chosen in Christ are now being now prepared to be the overcomers that God has determined they be. 

    Other prophetic voices have said that this is a time for judgement and that the mass media will also come under this judgement. They have set themselves up for this through their long history of deception and, particularly, by their present collaboration with the dark forces willing to steal the US election. May those in Christ stand strong and listen only to His voice, and then victory will come!  All glory to God!

  6. Veronika, thank you for sharing your dreams: they are an encouragement and also in line with what other prophetic voices are now saying. I love your humility, and the fact that you also share you see the importance of humility for His servants. God gives his grace to the humble, and He will not share His glory with others.  I do not believe that the Lord will greatly use those who continue to employ titles that give them an elevated status among His people.  One is in a much safer position as a humble brother or sister in Christ who sees clearly than as an apostle or prophet blinded by pride.

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