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America: Be of Good Courage! You Shall Rebound! — 10 Comments

  1. Gold is for Kings…but silver is for the common man…But Jesus is the King of Kings…and guess who those Kings are…..

  2. A Big Hallelujah for our BIG GOD!!!
    All glory, honor, and praise be unto Him who leads us triumphantly through this place we have not been before!  :)

  3. A big hallelujah to our BIG GOD!  All glory and honor be unto Him as He leads us in victory through this place we have not been before! :)

  4. Hi Veronica,
    Can you please explain the seemingly direct clash between this prophecy through you and the prophecy titled “You Have Entered Into a New Time-Frame” through Stephen Hanson?
    I do not want to judge, it is not for me, but we must still be watchful.

    Kind regards
    Francois de Wet

  5. Thank You Father God!! Can a Nation be changed in a Day?  Yes Lord!! I believe it can!!
    Thank You Father for the Beautiful Feet of this Messenger of Good News. Bless her as she comes in and goes out Lord!! In Jesus Mighty Name!!

    • ALLELUIA!  Thank you Lord Almighty!  Praying for God’s mercy and Grace for us and as a nation.  Jesus, you are Holy, holy and God almighty!

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