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  1. Praise be unto GOD. I won’t let anyone say anything different in my house.
    I believe the same thing.
    We must keep calling those things that are not as though they were.
    And I am certain they will be.
    The Just shall live by faith.
    You are not standing alone.
    May the peace of The LORD GOD be upon you.
    Yours truly
    Pastor George Cross

  2. Romans. 8 v 28
    Sometimes Sin, that is already in the World, is used to accomplish a Purpose. The LORD ‘s CRUCIFIXION.& The Judgement
    that we bring to Ourselves, hopefully brings Revelation.
    So with The LORD’s Perfect WISDOM as HE continues to intervene Miraculously lets hold Dear to Our Heart, He is in CONTROL ☝, Thank you
    & HOLY SPIRIT, Amen

  3. Thank you Veronica, we’re so grateful for your boldness. I live in America. We will never give up. God is in this fight he needs us to engage in the battle, we cannot let the enemy take anymore ground.the reason we are at the place we are now I’d because we were asleep. Not now! Victory!!!

  4. Dear Kindred Spirit…no pain …no gain…we are in the world but not of it….the hardest part for me is the face burka crowd…here at the Golden Gate at the uttermost parts of the earth I have to continually remind the walking dead that the Donald will be President for the next four years…100% certainty…Blessings.

  5. AMEN! AMEN! AND AMEN! SISTER! Had no idea you were putting up with such satanic skullduggery. Bad enough we have to put up with it even for a season over here in America! I thank you, Veronika, for your faithfulness to the WORD and to the Dreams and Visions given you. They are so encouraging, even though we are confident of the outcome and know FATHER has chosen this man for this hour and this work–AND IT AIN’T FINISHED–it is wonderful to see and hear with you what our FATHER gives you to see and hear! We who know HIM, know a prophetess and a woman of GOD when we hear her words.

    Those same Judases speaking faithless lies are in full treasonous regalia here and are ready to be thrown down from their high window as well! Sorry those evil snits have invaded your space also. We certainly gave them NO leave to do so! Don’t know whether they are among the brainwashed idiots of MSM or just plain evil. But we over here who know, SO SO appreciate you. I’ve shared you with friends who now keep calm and pray and believe the Word of the LORD concerning our President and have faith and patience they did not full possess before.

    Thank you again for your faithfulness! Love in Him, RJ Daniel

    PS I’ve added my website, but only the older works are seeable. My brother who hosts it is one of the brainwashed of MSM lies, so my current psalms have been censored and have had to launch the new prophetic works unto the digital music sites instead! FATHER knows all and it’s all in HIS hands! Well, your system does not accept a private website URL apparently! newtrumpet.org is not accepted!

  6. I totally agree!  I’ve read countless statements from Godly ppl saying it’s over for Trump he blew it!
    But God chose Trump, Trump wasn’t God’s 1st pick, BUT Trump picked up God’s call. 
    Trump’s not perfect, but he has been faithfull.  The ppl didn’t reject Trump or God, this was a stolen election – “False weights” caused this.  God hates “False weights”! 
    God released prophecy that Trump would have 2 terms, that he would appoint 5 Supreme Court Justice’s, & that Abortion would be over turned! 
    God gave us His prophecy, His prophecy is not cancelled!  Nothing cancels God’s Word! 
    I have stood in the courts of heaven crying out on this!
    I am believing for the Huge miracle of God!  And this time it will be BIGGER than ppl in Michigan trugging through the snow!
    I am believing for total victory for this from God NOW!

  7. I totally agree with you!  This is what we’ve been praying for since President Trump took office! Our President is exposing all the corruption, thats all this is! Keep praising and thanking the Lord for what He’s doing!

  8. Hear, hear! We stand our ground. Who are these dissenting voices that tell us to accept evil and give up?  That is not the spirit of the Lord.  He is called the Lord of Hosts because His warring angels fight when we go on our knees and declare, “Thy will be done”.  Anything else is not biblical.  We don’t stand with the prophets of Baal, but with the Lord of Hosts!

  9. Thank you Veronica. I am in total agreement. I am sick of those who claim to know God giving up and saying we need to accept the two demonic ones who are Traitors to our nation and our people!  God set Trump in office with His purpose and He will bring it to pass in the name of Yeshua Hamashiach Amen.

    • Lord see and know the truth regarding this stealen election from USA people was corrupted and for pass four have been lying to the people using taxpayer money. Just to see are president Trump was everything they are . God is not done with this, trust and wait on him. Amen

  10. Amen! from Canada
    Thank you for bringing the word of the Lord and encouragement in a timely fashion to push through until the end
    God bless you & your family

  11. I want to thank you Veronika for your prophecies. I am holding on to the prophets words. God will not let this nation go down.
    The awakening is just about to burst out and that is why the devil is fighting but God has sent his Angels to fight them and take them down. Glory to God!! God bless you Veronika.

  12. Glory to God AMEN and Amen!!! For God’s Word does not return void. Thank you WOG for such obedience to His Word and goes with Scripture. History does repeats itself and it’s now as for Such A Time As This. God’s warning are for our good, He loves as so much but many will still reject the Word. For His mercy endure forever. Shalom.

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