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  1. I tried to warn Kim Clement to stop the TBN style prosperity hucksterism, with the “prophetic preservation,” with the “prophetic debt forgiveness,” with the “blessings-you-get-when-giving-to-Israel” and also to stop the frenetic, impulsive, super-expensive team trips to this place and that place and this other last minute place so far, far away.

    There is another whole realm of meat above the milk than this kind of TBN style preaching.  Sadly, Kim Clement’s team brooked no correction, EVER!  Much like John Paul Jackson saying he had a prophetic ministry and also saying he was not prophetic, things were amiss!  Kim never learned the pebble, rock, boulder messages from God?

    God appears to be doing something, no?  When there are troubles, the answer is usually to be MORE MATURE.  However, TBN-style emotional prosperity promising is really on the immature side, is it not?  How does such goings on create a mature body of Christ?  Can Christ-in-You really exist in immaturity?  Or does the Christ-in-You happen because of maturity?  In the gullible?  In the wise?  In the deceived? In the too-mature to be deceived?  In whom does Christ-in-You dwell?  Christ-in-You comes in the “prophetically preserved” who know who the next President will or won’t be? Is that how heaven works?


    The Grapes of Immaturity
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #3 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 1/10/09 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    Latin saying from the novel Lonesome Dove:
    “Uva uvam vivendo varia fit”

    A grape turns color and matures,
    Upon seeing statured others,
    So also proud broadcast preachers,
    After meeting humble betters.

    Until that day of humility,
    Comes indwelt of God,
    The proud, false shepherds,
    Think brokenness odd.

    And will avoid most personal tribulation,
    By personal wealth guarantees,
    Extracted by pandering their own fear,
    Emotion, excitement or greed.

    With emotion it’s prophetic or,
    Intellectual jabberwocky,
    With greed prosperity, with fear,
    Rapture-dispensation malarkey.

    The grapes of immaturity,
    Broadcasting fear, emotion or greed,
    Think manifesting Christ,
    The very last thing on earth we need.

    The grapes of immaturity,
    Won’t honor their betters,
    Their trollop doxies make them,
    Hellfire selfish go-getters.

    The grapes of immaturity,
    Do not fear God’s wrath,
    Ignoring every grow chance,
    Before they are smashed.

    Thus the grapes of immaturity,
    Have not grown for thirty years,
    Ignoring all people their betters,
    To tickle their own deaf ears.

    The grapes of immaturity,
    Broadcasting self best,
    Woe is us, woe is them,
    For spoiling God’s nest.

    God’s nest of inhabitation,
    Is ourselves to indwell,
    Proud broadcasting preachers,
    Can’t do this for God well.

    The grapes of immaturity,
    Believe their perfection a bastion,
    When will they see betters,
    And repent of smug inaction?

    Then, there’s the problem,
    With: Holding thought!
    It’s hard to hold truth,
    When lies were bought!

    If you bought gold when markets were crazy,
    But if your reason was rapture,
    You’ll sell wrong when lies’ loosen,
    Wrong thought does reason capture!

    Yet with fearless truth and God’s mind,
    You can buy low and sell high,
    When you are indwelt: Christ-in-You,
    Mature grapes witness God nigh!

  2. I hadn’t followed any of Kim’s stuff for over six months. Then yesterday morning 23rd out of nowhere I thought of him. I went onto their webpage and chanced upon a video with some of his Trump words. I was amazed. Then during the course of the morning a notice popped up on the site about his death. But it didn’t have a date, so I didn’t really understand when he had passed. I then googled it and there was no news, so I understood it must have been within the last few hours.

  3. Yes, as I was reading I was thinking Bob was waiting for Kim. I cried at that point realizing how inseparable even all saints are from us here in this generation.

  4. Please, Veronica and everyone hear this — Veronica’s dream was very, very profound and will be unwrapped very soon in the future. 
    Kim Clement is a prototype of the “new man” God is creating; a prototype of the “new thing” that God is doing in the earth. 
    Bob Jones was, and represents, the “old man” that is now passing away.
    I am not wrong about this — this is the very thing God has been teaching me for the last 15 years, and is I think finally releasing me to share with others. 
    God told me this about Kim Clement a month or two ago — there is a video his wife shared where, just before Kim’s initial stroke, a friend prophesied over Kim and Jane, holding up their arms together.  She was told her role would change, that her responsibilities would be ten times what they had been, a some other very profound things as well.
    This was a prophetic mandate not only for Kim, but also for Jane, as she represents the “new woman” that is also being birthed alongside the “new man”.
    I thought hard about whether I should send that to their ministry.  This is complicated, and I would need to write a huge amount to properly unpack this, but please everyone know that while Kim Clement has gone to be with the Lord, his ministry and who he was and how he operated will be very, very important to the Christian community of the future. 
    Again, Kim was a prototype.  Kim Clement is, I think, what God’s “new man” will look like.  Praise God!! 
    Veronika, the Lord speaks great, profound truth through you!! 
    Thank you for being such a willing servant of His — the words you have posted has breathed life back into my soul, and have revived my heart to get back into the battle again when I was just about ready to give up. 
    Praises be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! 
    This is a great sign from the Lord!!

      • Kevin, No, I wrote that after I read about his death.  I believe that what God showed me is that Kim Clement’s type of ministry, and the type of person he was, and also the type of marriage he had, was a prototype for what God’s new man will look like in the future.  A complicated picture, but again, this was backed up by a prophecy I saw in a video given directly to Kim and Jane by a friend.  I am also reading much by other prophets about how God is, at this time, taking away the Elijahs in order to pass their mantles to Elishas that followed them–and giving the new prophets a double portion of the Elijah annointing.  I think there is something in this that speaks to Kim Clement.  Blessings!!

  5. Yes V – I have just hear of the sad news, to confirm part of your dream Last night I had and encounter where I was in Kims room saying my father my father come back come back come – this was a very powerful experience what you said about kim representing future generatons is right on! I felt there would be 1000 more like him. Thanks for sharing your dream sister Brendan

  6. What an amazing dream you had. So be it, God! Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!
    I just got word that Kim is in hospital with pneumonia. I’m part of KCC HOD (Kim Clement House of Destiny) facebook group. I saw your blog on Global Prophetic Voice. I’ll share your word to our fb group.
    Thank you for sharing your dream and the insight God gave you! It feels so right.
    God bless you!

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