Someone Needs The Word Today!


“Beloved FEAR NOT, As YOU Lift your Hands I Will War For You!  Jehovah-Nissi, your Banner, that is My Name,” says God.

“As you Lift your hands, I will war for you.  I do not tolerate spiritual predators who take advantage of you.  My Banner encamps around you, protecting you against being victimised and exploited by spiritual strongmen.

I AM revealing new perspective, new wisdom, strength, and grace.  I will give you joy as you watch Me turn the plans of the enemy upside down.

I have anointed you “Peacemaker,” carrying the message of Reconciliation.  I will lead and guide you in situations where the spirit of division and alienation are moving.

I will give you a fearless compulsion to share and impart My Strength and Peace with those that are fearful and hopeless.

Listen!  Have I not given you ALL Authority to demolish strongholds?

The Keys to Life and Liberty?

The weapons that render the enemy powerless?

The armour that protects you from every power and principality of darkness?

The Faith and Grace that moves mountains?

Access and availability to All Wisdom and Understanding?

Supernatural favour that will propel and accelerate your success and Victory?

The Joy that gives Supernatural Strength?

The Awareness of My Presence watching over and sustaining you?

Full Adoption as My Sons giving you access to All that is Mine?

Freedom from All guilt and condemnation?

Wholeness of Spirit lacking nothing?

Sons and Daughters, today I AM giving you a settled assurance of Who I AM as your Father. Who you are, My child.

Now be fully secure in My love for you and the future I have for you, I have made you heirs to all the treasures and resources of heaven.  Now go!”   says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Someone Needs The Word Today! — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus beloved son of Jahve, who has been with me the whole time, every second. Grace! Shiru l’Adonai shir chadash, shiru l’Adonai kol ha’aretz.
    I love Israel and Jerusalem the holy city of God.
    Some 35 years ago I was in a congregation called Smyrna. I have been other places ever since, but the way I was taken care of there still helps me today. When life hurts, I simply think of these people of God, sometimes I call.
    Today, I do not even know if this Pentecostal church know, but God still gives me direction and comfort through these people thousands of miles away. So, that makes this people so special? They pray for and bless their elders!
    The other day I had a moment and it pops into my mind: I have elders! Quickly bless! Halleluja. Since English is my third language, I wondered if the blessing sent was correct in your language.
    So here it comes again very simple: God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen