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  1. So encouraging. BTW, “back to the future” is the name of a well known movie from 1985, involving a time machine. I feel so encouraged when God speaks through prophets and the prophet doesn’t necessarily immediately understand the reference, but the people who the message is meant for understand immediately, or have a strong connection that makes us immediately pay attention.

  2. I am a Texan. More than that, I am a Watchman and an Intercessor.
    Thank you, Veronica, for listening and being sensitive to the Spirit of God as He speaks to you about this Nation and this State. What you heard is EXACTLY what I have heard regarding Texas and this nation. I will share with you just the little bit more that God showed me in regards to the Alamo.
    On July 15, 2022, our governor made a plea for assistance from the rest of the nation regarding our borders. He finally made a declaration against Mexico that day. Upon hearing this, I heard God say, “Remember the Alamo.” Over and over. I know about the Alamo, but I went back to review. As I read, I came across something I hadn’t seen before, the letter from the commanding officer, William Barrett Travis. It was a plea to the rest of Texas and to all Americans for assistance (please read it https://www.tsl.texas.gov/treasures/republic/alamo/travis-full-text.html). Lt. Col. Travis begins the post script with, “The Lord is on our side…” He had to know then the great cost of losing this state.
    We are under siege. We cannot rely on the corrupt to come to our aid as they are set to destroy us. The enemy knows that Texas will be a stronghold against him. This state holds the revival capital of the world.
    Texas cannot fail or this nation fails. America must see and stand. Intercessors must see and stand. Remember the Alamo. Remember Goliad. We will never surrender. The Lord is on our side!

  3. 阿们!一次巨大的震动,将唤醒一个正在失明的国家,让他们意识到自己的真实身份和王国命运。



    [ HKP : Google Translate : “Amen! A huge shock will awaken a nation that is going blind and make them aware of their true identity and the fate of the kingdom.

    Amen! A great shock will reignite the flame, ignite an unquenchable and unstoppable fire of revival and reform that will sweep the nations.

    Amen! A great shock will purify and purify a nation of sins and sins so that it may become a vessel of honor in the house of the Lord and a gold medallion ring on God’s finger among the nations. Amen!” ]

  4. My hometown is San Antonio: The Texans who perished numbered about 186 while there were women, children & servants to survived. Santa Anna lost about 4000 of his troops.
    Thank you for this Word about Texas where the border is intentionally left open and the suffering is intense and the drugs that kill feed the cartels.

  5. Great word Veronika! So I have a question. Did you mean to say in the word to Texas in the last paragraph… Restoration begins to flow forth upon all “nations” within the United States? We actually have states within the United States, so then that makes me wonder if Texas will secede. Interesting

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