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America: Still in The Swamp — 5 Comments

  1. GOD is GOD in the forefront, in the middle and behind the scenes. He doesn’t sleep and lack nothing to.know how meme the human spirit is of and plan 2do NEXT. He knows the past, tomorrow and FUTURE. HE already knows who will stand on Jan 21 2021. The election is OVER…heaven and earth will passed away but NOT HIS WORDS (his prophetic promises). MATTHEW 24:35

  2. Amen!  I feel the slump is already beginning for this part of your word.  Many are still looking for Trump’s ‘re-election’ but Have we ever considered that how things played out is exactly according to Hi eternal plan.  We see things dimly; God sees the end from the beginning.  I rest in His case and in Him as He takes us to a new place.  We need to stand on our most holy faith; knowing He has this and He Himself is our government; man appoints himself …

  3. Yes, President Trump still has a job to do and yes it will be rocky but it is only till January, then when either man who is chosen on the basis of legal votes will win!. Praise the Lord.❤️

  4. We am praying! President Trump will Win!!! God has Ordained it! Like King David versus Saul!!!
    Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! Lord God Almighty of Heaven and Earth!
    There are many Godly Watchmen!!! And the Prayers of the Righteous Availeth much!!! “Our help comes from The LORD, Who made heaven and earth.” Prov.121v2
    Blessings and Love.

  5. Thank You Yahweh! We shall Begin decree what you are saying in this Hour as we Daily Seek Your Face, to find that True Balance that comes from You & Your Word! We pray for the much needed ‘Reformation throughout the earth that represents your ‘Kingdom Come Here on Earth, as it is In HEAVEN! Thank You Lord for releasing Your Fear of the Lord that we may began to Reverence You and walk in humility as we Become that One Nation under GOD! LET THERE BE LIGHT!

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