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Tyranny and Injustice — 4 Comments

  1. Yes AMEN
    Comfort the weary, confuse, bitter and cold hearted LORD. Some are mentally BROKEN, angered and wrongfully abused surround in a besieged “WAR-mind” battle within themselves.
    The devil plays every endless day taking down churches and blind leading the blind. ONLY the power of GOD can utter, ease and destroy ALL matters of high tide evils and it’s cripped affects base effective-ly☝☝☝⌚⏰

  2. These words highly comforted me, particularly the Holy Word of GOD in Psalm 10, and through Hosea 10, about Righteousness and Justice. Thank you, sister Priscilla.

  3. Thank You Lord for this NOW Word that is so Relevant and Much Needed in this Hour! Father Let the FEAR OF THE LORD began to be Released upon the Land & especially on the Church to bring about the Sudden Change in the Earth-as your Kingdom Comes and Manifests before our very eyes! Thank you my Sister & Make Haste Oh Lord! Glory to God!

  4. I have a question: in the word
    It says the church will be filled with the Fear of the Lord. What about America?
    Will America be filled with the Fear of the Lord & chose to renew her covenant with God…in the public square?

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