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America: The Days Ahead — 4 Comments

  1. Yesterday I watched Mike Lindell’s documentary “Absolute Truth”!
    You can find it on his website MichaelJLindell.com.
    God is exposing it all. Like with cancer, a PET scan if often necessary to see what is hiding.  Once revealed it can be dealt with. 
    Thank you for your encouraging words.  Without the hope found in Jesus, our hearts would fail within us.

  2. Amen!!  I’m not a “worry wort” but the sense of dread I once felt around me is disappearing since signing up to receive these emails from the prophecy website.  I wasn’t aware there were so many prophets out there.  You are blessed and highly favored of God.

  3. Praise GOD! Thank You for confirming what God is Doing in this Hour! HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY! We are in a Time of where Great REFORMATION of the Lord is about to take Place ! Thank God that The Kingdom of God is about to Manifest Here on Earth as IT IS IN HEAVEN!!! HALLELUJAH!!!☝

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