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  1. I need to apologise for giving out a word that did not come to pass concerning Idaho and have been waiting on God to understand what happened and what to do with this.  This word was released without wisdom and with a rush that was not of God. It was an ill timed decision made through fearing dis -obedience yet, I have learned well that God always wants me to question anything rushed and seek him diligently.  A big and humbling lesson learned on this journey!

  2. Must of been a invisible earthquake cuz nothing happened, not even the seismographs picked it up. Maybe the Mormons stopped it with their magical underwear.

  3. Don’t want to say your words are false. Hope I didn’t come across that way.

    I had a notion as I was typing the last reply. Perhaps we need to trust Christ as our rock as obviously as real as we know Idaho will have more earthquakes?
    Side note. I believe God has shown me Idaho will have a catastrophic earthquake soon. What soon means is ?

  4. There was a quake in Idaho very small 2.8 Clayton Idaho. There is plate shifting over the globe and earthquake activity and Vocanoes.  Judgement of the World is close. REPENT!

  5. 10/23/20


    Date & time:
    Friday, 23 October 2020
    07:59 UTC
    Magnitude: 2.4
    Depth: 9.4 km
    Epicenter latitude / longitude: 44.28017°N / 115.1095°W

    (Idaho, United States)
    Nearest volcano: Shoshone (137 km / 85 mi)
    Nearby towns and cities:
    15 km (10 mi) NW of Stanley (pop: 100)
    70 km (44 mi) NE of Garden Valley (pop: 400)
    71 km (44 mi) NE of Crouch (pop: 200)
    115 km (71 mi) NE of Boise (pop: 146,000)
    127 km (79 mi) NE of Meridian (pop: 90,700)
    143 km (89 mi) NE of Nampa (pop: 89,800)
    Primary data source: USGS
    Estimated released energy: 2.5 x 108 joules (69.8 kilowatt hours)

    Earthquake data:
    2020-10-23 07:59:15 UTC
    Mag. / depth: M2.4 / 9.4km
    Lat / Long: 44.28017 / -115.10950 15 Km WNW of Stanley, Idaho, USA.
    Source: USGS

    Please go read:

    Significance Of Earthquakes In The Bible


    Praise Our LORD JESUS Forever & Ever

    Thank You Our Abba Father.
    For giving us Your Prophets to tell us what “THUS SAYS OUR LORD”.

    • Obviously a natural earthquake happened but I’m struggling to see the significance, it’s almost like saying the sun will rise tomorrow with how many 2.0 and above (even 3.0 and above) earthquakes central Idaho has had this year. So how this is “prophetic” at all I’m kinda scratching my head.

  6. FYI, the Cross on Table Rock is just outside Boise, Idaho’s capital, in the southwest portion of the state. Mormonism plays a big part there as well. Salt Lake City, UT is a few hours away by vehicle.

  7. PRECURSOR — Idaho’s 6.5 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday, March 31, was the strongest in more than 36 years across the state.

    Scripture Speaks of the QUICK Approaching Time of SHAKING…Haggai 2:6-7

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