America: We Will Not Be Divided!


Many are still in shock today following a tragedy that rocked the nation on the night of June 17th.  In the middle of a prayer meeting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC., a lone gunman entered and savagely opened fire.  By the time the shooting stopped the floor was littered with shell casings and bodies.  Eight were declared dead at the scene and doctors declared a ninth victim deceased shortly after their arrival at a nearby hospital.

In examining the headlines yesterday the simple facts are made clear.  The Washington Times writes, “White Man Fatally shoots 9 In Historic Black Church In Charleston, SC.”  The emphasis in most headlines is on the fact that it was a white man who entered a black church to carry out this horrific violence.  Furthermore, Police Chief Greg Mullen has declared that this was a hate crime.

This violence and bloodshed falls closely on the heels of other recent events also believed to be racially motivated.  The Ferguson and Baltimore riots are all too fresh in the minds of the American people and one could easily conclude that racial tension is on the rise in this nation.  Yet is it truly?

The late prophet John Paul Jackson prophesied that a race war was coming to this nation.  He was one of the first voices warning of this but he is certainly not the only one who has seen that there is potential for such a thing.  In the video below dated December 14, 2012, Prophet Jackson speaks specifically regarding what he saw coming.

Above the question is posed, “Are racial tensions truly rising?”  It seems that they are yet the real question is why.  An even more important question is whether these events occurred naturally or were in fact false flags designed to undermine peace and escalate racial tension across this nation.

It is an established fact that billionaire George Soros invested $33 million dollars into hiring protesters for the Ferguson riots.  People were being bused in from other cities seemingly with the goal of taking an already heated situation and bringing it to the boiling point.  Numerous individuals participating in the protests who were interviewed indicated that they did not even care about what was taking place.  They were only there to collect a paycheck.  Why would a Jewish billionaire invest a large sum of money into such a cause?  That’s a difficult question to answer.

Are those who pull the strings from the shadows trying to trigger a race war even now?

This travesty has already occurred.  There is nothing that can be done to reverse it.  The enemy is enacting his age old plan.  He is seeking to kill, steal and destroy.  The first wave of death may seem to be a minor victory for him but he is not done.  His plan is to use this situation to steal peace from this land and ultimately to destroy it.

It is in these times that we who are in Christ must join together regardless of any perceived racial boundaries.  We must join together even as the enemy threatens to tear us apart.  Remember that a house divided will not stand.  This is why we must unite.  This is why we must have greater solidarity in this hour.  This is why we must allow no boundary to separate.

Nine of our brothers and sisters are now in the presence of the LORD.  So while for this world their passing is a tragic loss, for them there is only joy.  Finally they are embracing the very one for whom they have always longed.  Now is the time for us to embrace as well.  We embrace in our grief.  We embrace in our compassion for one another.  We embrace it is what we want to do.  We embrace because it is what we need to do.


  • There is no black.
  • There is no white.
  • There is no Asian.
  • There is no Native American.
  • There is no Jew.
  • There is no Gentile.


Will you please pass this message on?  Our brothers and sisters in Christ who mourn in this hour are not alone.  There are many who stand with them in prayer and support.

We will not be divided!


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon is a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!



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  1. Amen Brother, we will not be divided but will continue to embrace each other with the Love of the Father and the power of Holy Spirit.  Father, comfort the families of the 9 who were slain and help them to remember their loved ones are apart of the great cloud of witnesses cheering us on to keep fighting the good fight of faith, trusting in You. Dear Lord, also let the seed of Your Word and the love that was sowed in the heart of the young man by your precious children during that service, be watered, grow, multiply, bringing millions to repentance and a harvest of souls.  Make him a mighty preacher of Your Glorious Gospel Lord Jesus as you did your servant Paul.

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