Watch and See How America Will Be Divided — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Stephen and thanks for your Words,

    When He says that the believers have not read their Bibles and that even the elect will be deceived ‘if possible'(which means they can not be decieved) I Believe this is because the ‘elect’ knows that Christ will appear, not as a visible “person” but through spiritual transformation, which only is possible to reach through perfect obedience to the Holy Spirit and to God’s Word.

    The antichrist will appear as a visible person and in a such ‘glorious’ way that the carnal christians, those who don’t understand the forementioned required obedience and separation from the world’s system and thinking to the Word of God.

    No one will be deceived from any one that is evil.
    One can only be deceived from what seem to be good (but is not).

  2. Stephen

    thank you for sharing this word.  What do you think it means “the evil one shall come from the East”?  does that mean China or something else?  thank you

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