America’s Population Reduction Strategy

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America’s Population Reduction Strategy

I woke to a dream that included a strategy that the government will use to eliminate some of the population.

In this dream it was the people who were deemed unnecessary in society who were being exterminated.  Those who had no jobs, no business, but were just in the population.

It was those on social security unemployment, preachers whose ministries weren’t paying taxes.

Anyone who was not giving into the government, was being executed or put in camps to see if they could be useful.  If they couldn’t use you, they killed you.

I’m praying, because things are taking place and the people are not realizing it’s being set up for what’s to come.

Don’t assume the obvious about anything.  The real truth is being hidden, but God is revealing things to warn us in dreams and visions.

Please pay attention to what is being said from the government and then pray and ask God to reveal the truth behind their words especially with the economy!  It’s about controlling the economy and the people and removing anything that has to do with true Christianity.

When an attack is not an attack

It’s not an attack, if you provoked the response.  People, don’t throw rocks, because there are some people who will throw rocks back at you.

Not everyone is mature enough to let God handle it.  Some will attempt to handle the situation in the flesh.  With the way things are now, it’s just not a good thing to harass or attack people.

The devil is attacking minds and not everyone is mentally stable enough to handle attacks against their lives.  If we don’t stop the madness, it will be a lot of blood shed among the believers.

You don’t know how a person may react, because they feel you are taking away their life, destroying their family’s name, reputation, and tearing up their ministry.

I repeat not everyone is mature and have a stable relationship with The Lord.

For the pass six months I have been talking people out of seriously hurting other persons in the Body of Christ, because of an attack from someone they loved, respected, or considered a friend.  I have had to get guns from people.  I have even had to send the police to get a couple who were waiting to ambush someone – but in the end, they were glad I stopped them.

There is a psychological warfare attack going on, and it’s especially targeting those in leadership to rise up and kill another leader who has launched a attack against them.  This is the reason why, when persons attack me, that I give it to The Lord and try to ignore it, because I know it’s the enemy trying to provoke me to hurt someone, and to take me back into attitudes and behavior God delivered me from.

Most people don’t think about the seriousness of the consequences that could erupt from them attacking someone’s life.  The person may already be under some unseen pressure and warfare, and that attack from someone whom they thought was perhaps a friend or fellow laborer, may be the straw that sends them over the edge.

People, we have a real devil that’s trying to wipe out as many souls as possible and his greatest trophies are professing Christians who are living compromising, unclean, straddle-the-fence lives.  He don’t have to do anything, but cause a disagreement and then we do the rest of the work for him, by attacking each other.

Remember, satan can only tempt us in the areas that we have not conquered.  Let’s not let petty differences cause us to start wars and battles that can lead to perhaps deadly or serious consequences!

Leadership 101

As a person in leadership, my job is not to contribute to a problem, but to diffuse it.  When we as leaders entertain the garbage of gossip, backbiting or slander, and indulge in character assassination or ministry destruction, we speak a message to the people that we are not trustworthy we have no integrity or honor.

Nothing damages a leaders reputation more than the words they speak or the actions they display.

There is a code of ethics that is involved in leadership, and one of them is, no matter how angry, how upset, how much you think a person hates you, never under any circumstances, are you to take the confidential conversations that you have had, where they revealed the issues, flaws or problems and disclose those intimate conversations, to the world to seek revenge against them.

God entrusted you to cover them and protect them from the harm the enemy wanted to do to them.  For you to uncover their nakedness because you’re upset and angry for vengeance or retaliation, just discredits you before everyone.

Private battles should remain private.  Whatever personal issues you have with each other, should be settled quietly with each other, or with a few trusted leaders who can help bring closure to the situation.

One of the things that I personally hate, is discord among the people, and when leaders make their personal fights a public forum.  It shows a lack of integrity, respect, maturity and reverence for God and His Kingdom, when those who have been entrusted to lead, now causes others to bleed and hurt in emotional, mental and spiritual pain.

The damage that is done to the Kingdom of God is enormous, because it’s not only the church that sees our foolishness, but the world.  There needs to be serious leadership classes, seminars and conferences to teach those in leadership the proper conduct attitudes and character that are necessary to be a true and effective leader.

It’s sad that the one’s called to lead are the one’s setting the bad examples for the people to follow.

Remember people, that there is a law of sowing and reaping that is establish in God’s Kingdom.  Know that what you do and say to others, can come back to you.  Think about if the shoes were on your feet, will you be able to deal with the things that you dish out?

As a leader, you should not have spirits of evil, destruction, revenge or retaliation within you.  Some of those in leadership are operating with spirits of offense, anger, hate, jealousy, rage and unforgiveness.  They are the ones with the vendetta mentality.  Either they are always lashing out, or they always think people are trying to do something to them.

These leaders need to be healed in their emotions and spirit, if not, they will continue to destroy lives and cause chaos and confusion in the Body of Christ.  Those in leadership who encounter them, need to help them instead of adding to the problem by being in agreement with them.

When God judges the matters, remember you will be held accountable.  Also, because you could have helped them, but you didn’t.  If you want to get involved in a cause, then the greatest cause you can fight in, is restoring order, unity, love, trust, honor and dignity, back into the Body of Christ.

I’m praying and fasting for all the discord to be diffuse that is going on all over the world among the believers!  It’s a global problem that now demands a solution because there is to many being destroyed behind foolishness.

We are losing good people because of stupid and immature behavior and until we refuse to let it happen we will never see unity and strength in the Body of Christ and the world will not believe that God is love when they don’t see love among us as brethren.  Let’s bring a end to this behavior and start banding together and get these lost souls into the Kingdom.

People, time is drawing close to the coming of The Lord will we be ready when He comes.  Either we going to hear well done my good and faithful servant or depart from me you worker of iniquity.  The choice will be ours!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. Paul was on trial for being a PEST (Christian Disease) for he REALLY believed what the Jews said they believed. How many can say the same about themselves? Really believe? Romans 1:18-32 should be pondered.