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An Angelic Encounter and a Prayer Strategy for Breakthrough — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Sister Laura. It’s edifying, spiritually upgrading and Scripture imparted. May God gives you more REVELATION. Amen

  2. Thank You awesome Lord God Most High for timely info, declarations and prayer strategy.
    May God bless you, your family, your land, your nation.

  3. This is very powerful and honest, from a totally surrendered heart and soul. The LORD will reward your “naked” pure prayers and thoughts. You know the Holy Scriptures very well. Your article truly impressed me. A broken heart and a contrite Spirit are true offerings that our LORD does not reject, and LOVE, and He surely will reward His children who kneel or lay before Him. Our tears are numbered, our hairs are numbered, our prayers are heard ! HE is MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE as well as Master of every cell of our bodies. We are 100 % dependent on Him.
    Your prayers are strong, dear sister. Yes, we have authority and power over demons, pythons, over everything, in JESUS name! Be abundantly blessed for your boldness and your humility.

  4. Thank you so very much for encouraging me to continue to Seek HIS FACE and call on HIS PROMISES in HIS WAY.
    I have been praying for Holy Arch-Angel Michael,Gabriel, Raphael,and Uriel to dispatch everyones guardian angel.
    Especially for unbelievers.
    That a divine intervention in EVERY dimension of EVERY LIFE be drawn to the GLORY of HIS HOLY SPIRIT and TRUTH.
    Freely I have received and FREELY SHALL I give.
    Sharon Krauss

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