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  1. Look on my website: Too Late for America Ministries. You have to use a large device (not phone compatible) and google has it at or near the top.  Look for the article called “Witness in the Wilderness
    These people were commanded to come to Arkansas decades ago. Pioneers, forerunners.

    • Dear Mike,
      Thanks for your confirmation, information and constructive comment.
      With your understanding, I have edited your comment to add direct links to your article and your website to make access easier.
      For your information, since your website is hosted on WIX, it is automatically responsive to any browser device or screen size – so your pages work well on small mobile screens as well.
      Blessings in Christ,

  2. This is a “Parable” Just as Solomon is ” Soul of Man” Ark an sas Kaw tribe word meaning ;land of the South Wind also “a river flowing East and SE I need to do more study on Ozarks but Quachita Mountains.  This all about The Ark of the Covenant (JESUS CHRIST within you.  The river is the Blood. Just know everything is in 3’s . I will write on this and send it to you if you like. Yes we are only safe when we are where God wants us with th right tribe (like minded with one purpose) The ARK in us is our safety!!!  I too am building a place of refuge in Washington State, but I learned the Holy Spirit is doing it with God’s Blueprint. All being done by Faith Nasncy Holste Fall City Washington

  3. Dear Brother Ken- I want to send you a testimony of my own experiences with the Lord Jesus about the ARK of Arkansas, as Jesus took me there in 2010/11 to help with the ground-breaking chores of building a place of safety and refuge on a mountain top in Mayflower, Ark., near to Little Rock.  But more than that, I went there to be prayed over and receive deliverance at the hands of one of His apostle/prophets there.  I have been trained by the Word of revelation about why ARK will be the best place on earth to live for a long time to come.  (I’ll write you personally.) rick

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