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The Captain’s Words to His Troops — 3 Comments

  1. Hallelujah!!! Glory to our God!!! Thank You JESUS my Lord!!! Have Your Way in me Lord. Your yielded vessel. Love and thank you dear Sister Yolanda for speaking our Father’s heart, there is so much confirmation here for me. I love you and may our God continue blessing you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. ❤❤❤

  2. Praise God Almighty…thank you for sharing this with me…Bless You…could you share a prophetic word with me over a trial that I am facing that is in the very near future going before both the President of the United States and National Liberty Alliance? If the Lord is willing and you are feeling a Holy word for me, I would so appreciate your speaking to me. Bless you all for your heart for our Lord and His people…I will forever be thankful I found this website. Thank you for sharing..blessings to you All…In the Name Above All Names…our Lord Jesus Christ…Amen Amen Amen Selah~

  3. Tuesday night at church, when I walked in before church service, a spirit of anger tried to take control of me.
    I had never felt a spirit this strong. I knew where and who it was coming from, when I looked at that person, I felt it coming and trying to take control of me.
    As I started calling on the name of Jesus, it left. 
    When the Pastor started preaching, to my amazement, he talked about Christens who were dealing with anger and to repent.
    I see many being set free and serving in the church. 
    I see some still not able to be free and live their life like it does not matter.
    God gave me the gift of Prophecy and the Holy Spirit gives me Words to give to His church.
    I pray for all of God’s people.  God is also working in me.  I do not go to anyone from my church for prayer but to the Pastor only when there is a call to go up for prayer.
    I Go to my Heavenly Father and talk to him.  I do not feel I can share the things that have been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit, but as I read your Post today it gave me hope that what was revealed to me was from God and I was released from the burden.
    Thank you so much, love in Jesus Christ.

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