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An Outpouring of the Oil of Joy — 2 Comments

  1. some time our Father’s mercy and love is so overwhelming and make us stand in awe and speechless…wondering when his patience will run out from me ? never ! just this morning in my daily reading , I came to Ro12 and highlighted v2:”… but be transformed by RENEWING OF YOUR MIND …” that’s the battle field where the enemy come against me( us) with all their evil forces … because what happened to me when I was little and the one who hurt me is also the one who did jinx to curse me ( Father just revealed to me last month ) for decades, because he is afraid that he may be found out if I tell anyone and he has authority over me… there are so many struggles … I tried to find escape but could not until I RESTED IN Jesus Christ my lord and savior ! yet still some place in my mind and heart need healing even operation … thank you for the message , may peace be with all who love the LORD and keep his commands ! Amen!

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