An Urgent Now Word for the Nations!


“Listen and watch! 

For the time piercing sword is going forth to turn and shift the face of the nations of the earth.

Watch!  For heavens time is now moving upon the hands of the earths clock!”

Please read and share this Word!

Last night I was taken by the spirit into a powerful dream encounter where I was shown and I heard a clock begin to chime in the heavens.

Then I saw the following unfold before (once again).

There is an urgency to this Word.

In last night’s encounter I heard the Spirit say, “Time is in My Hand.  Listen and pay attention beloved, for what has begun to take place shall not be turned back!

Now watch!  For the nations of the earth are being perfectly aligned with heavens time.”

I had a powerful prophetic dream last night, where I was standing on the axis of the earth.

I could see some of the far off and distant planets of solar system in space.  It was breathtakingly beautiful!

As I stood on the axis of the earth’s surface, suddenly a large signpost pole that had many arrows pointing in different directions, came out of the ground.

Each arrow had the name of nation upon it.

As I looked at the pole, I noticed there was a large clock at the top of the pole, but the time on the clock seemed to be standing still.

But as I continued to watch the clock, suddenly the small second hand began to move very fast, and then the minute hand began to move, and then the hour hand moved.

As I watched all three of the hands move, they spun very quickly around the face of the large clock.

Suddenly, all three hands stopped at the 12 and I heard the clock chime very loudly, ‘dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong, dong,’ the clock sounded out 12 chimes which went forth upon the nations ..!

Immediately I heard these words, “The nations of the earth are now perfectly aligning with heavens timing!”

Then suddenly, the arrows on the pole began to move violently around and around.

As I watched closer, I saw one by one, the arrows fly off the pole.  Each arrow flew into the ground like a stake.

Arrow after arrow, they penetrated the ground until I saw 12 perfectly aligned stakes, 12 names of nations standing in perfect alignment with one another.

Stakes became ancient gates

As I continued to watch, I saw the stakes in the ground suddenly being turned and transformed into ancient gates.

Now 12 gates stood before me.  Each gate had the name of one nation upon it.

As I looked at the gates, I could see 12 keys.  Then out of the heavens seemed to come 12 bright lights.

As I watched, the bright lights, one by one, approached the 12 gates.

Then I heard these words, “These are My 12 Commissioning Apostles and Prophets for such a time as this!”

After hearing these words, then I saw what looked like 12 Priests wearing crowns upon their heads.

Each Apostle/ Priest took the key and opened the ancient gate, and each one walked through to the other side.

As I followed through one of the gates, I saw men and woman on their knees.  They looked like they had been waiting and praying.

Then I saw the Apostle/ Priest begin to put his hand on their foreheads.  He took a small horn from under his robe and began to pour oil out of it.  He poured the oil over each of them.

Then I heard him say, “I anoint and commission you as kings and priests with the authority of heaven.  Now go into all the nations!”

The dream ended!

I believe that the interpretation of this dream is multilayered, and there is still more to come.  However, here is what I believe Father is showing us now!

“The nations of the earth are being perfectly aligned with heavens time.”  We have entered into a time of great shifting and sifting among the nations and tribes of the earth.

Two nights ago, I saw in the spirit 12 wells being opened up, and rivers flowing forth from the mouths of them.

I saw a great outpouring of supernatural gifts and anointings being given to God’s People.

Father showed me 12 specific mantles being released from heaven.

Three that I saw were the Joseph, Elijah and Esther mantles being released over many in this hour.

Then I saw 12 baskets over flowing with manna, and 12 large pottery jars of new wine.

Then last night, I saw the perfect alignment of 12 specific nations.

I saw America, Australia and the United Kingdom.  These were only 3 of the 12 nations that I saw coming into perfect alignment with heavens time.

I saw the Hand of God strategically moving upon the governments in these three nations.

I heard Father whisper to me, “Daughter, watch!  For the time piercing sword is going forth to turn and shift the face of the nations of the earth.

Watch!  For heaven’s time is now moving upon the hand’s of the earth’s clock!”

I submit and believe, that there is a commissioning anointing being released by God in this hour, to those who are ready and seeking for His Will to be established above all else, in the nations of the earth.

I Prophesy:  This is a time of divine order and alignment.  Heaven’s rule and government is being established upon the earth.

The sons and daughters of God are being supernaturally sensitised to heavens time

I Prophesy:  God is resetting and recalibrating the inner workings of our spirits.  Hearts are being perfectly synchronised with the Spirit and the Heart of God in this hour!

I Decree:  In this new season, I see heaven releasing and revealing Kingdom assignments.  There are new places and positions of great influence and favour being poured out over faithful sons and daughters.

In this season, the compass of Heaven is directing and redirecting the sons and daughters of God.  They will walk in God’s perfect timing and in the Spirit of Unity.

They will be of one vision and purpose.

They have heard the commissioners call and they have responded in radical obedience and sacrifice.

They are “Called for such a time as this….“!


Please share as you feel led!

I believe this is a time of divine release which requires a divine positioning.

Let’s respond to God in deep humility and total surrender.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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An Urgent Now Word for the Nations! — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, this is awesome. I was with a brother at a certain prayer center and am totally amazed for this is what we were sharing. May we be found worthy of this great commissioning by His Grace. God bless you