An Urgent Word for The U.S.A.


For President Donald J. Trump will be driven like a tent peg through the enemy’s head!

Ha!  I wanted to share with you all a very powerful and poignant dream I had last night concerning the nation of The United Stats of America.

In this dream, I saw President Donald Trump in the form of sharpened tent peg being driven into the ground with a hammer.  Then suddenly in the dream, I heard these words,

“Watch!  For Trump will be driven like a tent peg through the enemy’s head!”

I woke up and I began to pray for the nation and for President Trump.

As I cried out to the LORD, again He spoke clearly to me saying, “Watch!  For Trump will be driven like a tent peg through the enemy’s head.”

Then the holy spirit quickened to me two scriptures, Judges 4:21 and Ezra 9:7-9..!

Judges 4:21 says,

“But when Sisera fell asleep from exhaustion, Jael quietly crept up to him with a hammer and tent peg in her hand.  Then she drove the tent peg through his temple and into the ground, and so he died.”

And Ezra 9:7-9 says,

“Since the days of our fathers to this day we have been very guilty, and for our iniquities we, our kings, and our priests have been delivered into the hand of the kings of the lands, to the sword, to captivity, to plunder, and to humiliation, as it is this day.  And now for a little while grace has been shown from the lord our god, to leave us a remnant to escape, and to give us a peg in his holy place, that our god may enlighten our eyes and give us a measure of revival in our bondage.  For we were slaves.  Yet our god did not forsake us in our bondage; but he extended mercy to us in the sight of the Kings of Persia, to revive us, to repair the house of our god, to rebuild its ruins, and to give us a wall in Judah and Jerusalem.”

Now as I read these two verses, I began to inquire of the LORD to their meaning, and again I was shown a clear picture of President Donald J. Trump in the form of a sharpened tent peg being driven into the ground with a hammer.

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “For My Grace and Mercy has been extended to this nation for a little while.

Watch!  For My Hand will move like a mighty hammer upon the head of Trump, driving him like a sharpened tent peg through the enemy’s head.

Watch!  As My Spirit goes forth to stretch and realign the boundaries and the borders of this nation.  For even now, I AM releasing and unlocking the resources of heaven over this land, for it is time to revive, repair, rebuild and restore that which lies in ruins.

Watch!  For this is the hour and season of supernatural increase and Kingdom expansion in the earth.  For now is the time for My people to arise and advance.

Now is the time to capture the spoils of the enemy and to seize plunder, for a great harvest has come to this nation,”  says the Spirit of God.

All glory! Honour!  And praise!  To our God who works all things together for the good of those who love Him.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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An Urgent Word for The U.S.A. — 2 Comments

  1. “They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera (the enemies of Trump and the USA and Israel)”.  Judges 5:20