An Urgent Word to the Nations!


I hear The Spirit of God say, “Watch!  For My Hand now moves in the midst of the storms that rage, in the midst of the whirlwinds, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the floods and the fires!

Yes!  My Hand is now moving upon the waters of the sea and upon the mountains and the valleys, for surely I tell you My Hand of Righteous Judgement now moves in the midst of the nations of the earth to uproot, to pull down and to destroy the works of darkness and deception.

For even now My Hand is moving to overthrow and overturn.

Watch!  As My Spirit of Might, Power and The Fear of The LORD now comes like a raging river upon the nations to dethrone the powers and principalities of witchcraft and idol worship in the land.

No longer will My Justice tarry!  No longer will My wrath be held back!  No longer will the deeds of the wicked go unpunished!

Watch!  For I have marked the stubborn and stiff necked nations for a divine work of destruction.

Did I not send My faithful prophets to warn of these things that would come if you did not turn and repent?

But you did not listen, for surely you despised My Prophets and you resisted their divine utterances.

You drove them out from among you that you may continue to walk in your rebellious ways.

Many have said that My Kindness leads to repentance, but I tell you the truth, do not be deceived by wolves in sheep’s clothing, for they have fed you poisoned food and polluted water.

Beloved, My Ways and My Will do not evolve over time.  No!!  For I AM the same yesterday, today and forevermore!

Watch and listen!  For there are those who will speak to the storms; they will command the winds and the waves; they will shout out, “Peace, be still”!

But watch!  For I tell you the truth the winds and the waves will not obey them, for what I AM releasing cannot be contained and cannot be restrained.

For My righteous judgements against the wicked will not be stopped nor stifled and the works of My Hand of Justice and Righteousness shall not be turned back!

Watch!  For My Winds will not be rebuked and My Earthquakes will not be silenced, and My Fires will not be quenched and My Floods will not be held back!

Beloved, My beloved, fear not, for this is the hour and the season of righteous retaliation and righteous redemption in the earth.

Watch!  For My Spirit is now moving suddenly, swiftly and severely in the nations.

Watch and pray.  Return and Repent and surely I will show great mercy in midst of great judgement and will show myself to be the gracious to those who call upon My name,”  says The Spirit of God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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