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Apostles and Prophets, Who Called You into Ministry? — 5 Comments

  1. Prophets!  Just wanted to ask something I I’m a ministry of the gospel God call five yrs old but it had been in the making. A month ago in my spirit I was talking with someone at the altar. But was mandating something over her but sense the people wonder who gave me that author I said in my spirit the Lord had given me an apostolic anointing to do what I did. I heard of this but didn’t know what that really means. I’m in a church now we’re my leader downs me and be little me before my church family i’ve always felt lift out over looks and fine people’s are not always found of me and don’t know me. Just wonder what happening to me

  2. Bravo,
    Speak truth sister!  Many have been hidden and time is coming for the true sons of God to come forth.
    Pray for us if you will as the Lord leads.
    Angel and Kevin Howard
    The Chamber ministry (equipping the equippers)

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